Write For Us

Travel Information is now accepting guest posts. Yes, you heard right! If you have an interest in travel and are able to write knowledgeable, insightful travel content, we encourage you to apply as a guest writer on our site.

If you want to write a travel guest post for us, there are a few rules you’ll need to follow. These are guidelines that ensure you’re writing in a way that is acceptable for Travel Information.

Passionate About Travel? Write For Us!


After taking a look at our terms for accepting blog posts below, email us with your travel blog proposal.

Informative & Relevant

Guest posts that are written for Travel Information need to, above all else, be informative and carry value for our readers. We don’t accept posts that are obviously promotional, as that does not fit with the tone and style our readers enjoy.

Correct Categories

Our site focuses on providing useful travel information – this can include:

  • informative facts about a country (that you’d need to know if traveling there)
  • ‘how to’ style travel blogs
  • itineraries
  • and things to do style posts

If your article doesn’t fall into any of these categories it won’t be accepted.

When pitching articles, please submit three possible topics and we will let you know which one you should go ahead and write for us.

Longform Content

Posts that are submitted need to be between 1000 and 3000 words long. No short articles will be accepted.

Quality Content

The travel guest post should be well-written and error-free. We suggest using Grammarly to make sure your content is grammatically sound, and your spelling is correct.


Guest posts must contain a photo every 300 words. Must be free from copyright. These can be your own high-quality images, or they can be royalty-free stock images. They must have a pixel width of exactly 800px, and the feature image should have a pixel width of exactly 1200px. They also need to be relevant to the post and be high-quality with good resolution.


Your blog may contain up to 2 relevant links to your domain. No other links should be added to the post.

Small Print

We reserve the right to delete your post after one year if it does not generate more than 100 visits within the year of publishing, to avoid your post being deleted, we encourage you to write an SEO friendly post and share it on social media.

How to Apply

We’re seeking guest bloggers who are able to create quality content for our readers, while gaining backlinks for their own site.

In your application email, please include:

  1. the website address of the site you represent
  2. your 3 blog topic pitches
  3. a link to an article you have written so that we can assess your writing style

If your application is successful, you’ll need to submit your post in a Google Doc, as well as giving us access to the image folder.

Reach out to us via email – info@travel-information.org to find out if you successfully qualify to write a travel blog guest post for us.