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What Not To Do In Thailand

Thailand is a land of religion and tradition. Considering there is a very large population of Buddhists, and Monks, there are many do’s and...

Getting Around Bali

With distances of just 153 km from east to west and 112 km from north to south, Bali’s tiny and getting around the Indonesian...

Things To Do In Queenstown, The Adventure Capital Of The World

In the heart of the South Island of New Zealand lies the small town of Queenstown. Relatively secluded from the rest of the world,...

20 Adventurous Things to Do in Cape Town

20 Adventurous Things to Do in Cape Town Cape Town has been named the most beautiful city in the world by CNN, Buzzfeed and a...

Eight Things That You Shouldn’t Do When on a Beach Vacation

Now as the year is fast approaching its end, the vacation period is not too far behind. While the Corona pandemic is still gripping...

5 Things To Do In The Klein Karoo

The Klein Karoo has a lot to offer the budding tourist. From the winding Cango Caves through to sprawling wildlife parks, farming communities and...

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