Where To Go On Holiday in November


It’s November and you find yourself asking “where has the year gone?”

Well, we are here to let you know that November is a fantastic month for a break away from reality. The year is almost over and you are ready to push through the final month before the Christmas rush- but first, you need a well-deserved vacation.

Whether you are looking to spend your days in the sun or enjoying a winter wonderland, we have got you covered. We have compiled a list of our must-see holiday destinations in November that are sure to satisfy your adventure needs, leaving you refreshed, motivated and inspired upon your return.

Best Places to Visit in November

No matter your preference, November is always one of the best months for a holiday. How is that possible you say? Think about it… Hotels, beaches, and airplanes are quiet before the school holidays, and many places offer epic holiday attractions at a very tempting discount.

Countries in the Southern Hemisphere, are in full swing for summer whilst the Northern Hemisphere countries start experiencing the winter chill. Luckily, there are endless opportunities to enjoy both the warmer and cooler climates.

Whether you’re into surfing, hiking, exploring and discovering, our list of holiday destinations is the perfect place to start for any traveler.

Where to Holiday in November

Picking the right holiday destination can be a little tricky when you’re looking for your ‘perfect’ getaway. There is an endless list of options, however, we’ve simplified the choice for you with some pretty cool ideas that might draw you in.

Summer Destinations in November

If warmer weather is what you’re looking for, there are beautiful destinations that allow you to enjoy the November sun with days on the beach and in the great outdoors.

For summer-lovers, Australia offers spectacular weather during the month of November. With winter a thing of the past, traveling there at this time of the year is perfect for outdoor sightseeing and fun in the sun.

Home to over 10 685 beaches and over 500 parks, there are endless opportunities to rest and rejuvenate with nature. Australia is a fascinating country with its unique biodiversity and phenomenal natural wonders. During your summer vacation here, you can learn to surf in Byron Bay, hike and even take a tour of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Luckily at this time of the year, the weather is pretty decent across the country. The southern parts of Australia have begun to warm up with the northern areas also experiencing warm weather without the severe dryness that is felt during the hotter months of the year.

South Africa is another fantastic destination for summer. The locals are genuine and friendly and love showing off their beautiful country to the world. There are so many beaches and outdoor activities available in Durban and Cape Town, along with some world-class sunsets at this time of the year.

You can enjoy water sports like stand-up paddling, surfing or kayaking or perhaps even venture up the mountains and experience the beautiful trails in the heart of Cape Town.

Alternatively, other warm and enjoyable destinations include; Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar. These South-East Asian destinations are out of their monsoon period and temperatures are warm, minus the extreme humidity that is usually experienced during the beginning of the year.

You will be able to see and do more without the struggle of being too hot, as well as enjoy time on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, such as; Kuta Beach in Bali, Ngapali in Myanmar, Ha Long Bay in Vietnam and Kata Beach in Thailand.

We suggest renting a scooter when travelling around some of these locations as the weather is perfect for long days out on the road. You can choose when and where you want to stop along your route and experience the beauty of South-East Asia like the locals.

For something more unique, try a colourful and vibrant holiday in the heart of Marrakech, Morocco. This destination is a cultural hub of experiences perfect for beautiful postcard pictures and shopping in traditional souks.

November is the prime time to visit weather-wise and is a popular time of the year for tourists from all over the globe. It is important to note, however, that Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country, before heading on this trip make sure you pack some essential items.

It’s entirely possible to look chic and stylish on holiday, whilst still being respectful. For some helpful packing tips, have a look at our post on ‘What To Wear in Morocco’.

What to Pack for a Summer Holiday

When it comes time to jet set off on your summer holiday, the last thing you want to do is stress about what to pack, or worse, forget your favourite items at home.

It’s pretty easy deciding what to wear when your next destination guarantees sun, sand and sea, however some of our suggestions may still come in handy. The following items are the absolute must-have items that need to find their way into your suitcase.

  • A Swimsuit- Because no summer holiday is ever complete without one. Be sure to pack at least one or two swimsuits for all the swimming and sunbathing you’ll have lined up.
  • A Hat and Sunblock- Nobody enjoys being sunburnt on their holiday, especially in pictures!
  • Sandals/Flip Flops- These are a great accessory for warm weather. Make sure you take along a comfortable pair for daytime exploring and walking.
  • Sneakers- A comfortable pair of sneakers are ideal for walking longer distances and for evenings.
  • Shorts, Skirts and Jeans- It’s always a good idea to pack a variety of shorts, skirts and jeans for casual day wear and perhaps a few smarter pairs for your evenings out on the town.
  • T-shirts- Pack in a decent amount of t-shirts that match with your shorts, skirts and jeans. That way you have already created a few outfit looks for your holiday, without packing unnecessary items.
  • A Lightweight Jacket- In case some evenings get a little chilly, it’s always good to be prepared.
  • A Backpack- A small and nifty backpack will be your best friend during your holiday-especially for trips to the beach or outdoor activities.
  • Lightweight Scarves/Pashminas- These come in handy for holiday’s like Morocco or for evenings out.

Winter Destinations in November

If warm layers with coats and boots are your go-to holiday essentials you are in luck. There are so many pleasant winter destinations to explore during the month of November and what better place to start than in Europe!

Italy is a beautiful, must-see country, rich in history and culture and is a great choice for a November destination. Explore the country’s unique cities by foot, indulge in their comforting delicacies and fall in love with the friendly locals.

One of the best Italian spots to visit is Venice. This dreamy city is the ultimate destination for relaxation, exploration, and shopping. Enjoy an exquisite view of the city with delicious cups of hot chocolate out on a traditional gondola, or capture beautiful pictures in the middle of St. Mark’s Square.

With the exquisite architecture and marvelous churches, the streets of Venice are a magical place to get lost in. There are so many things to see and do you may never want to leave.

Amsterdam offers another culturally rich experience. Here, you can live and eat like the locals – who doesn’t love stroopwafels and Heineken beer? Immerse yourself in their remarkable history and marvel at the natural beauty of the Netherlands.

During your holiday here, you can spend your days exploring the Vincent Van Gogh Museum, take a trip to Anne Frank’s house or rent a bicycle and cycle around the awesome canal belt – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For a winter wonderland fairy tale destination, Prague should definitely be on your list. Once a hidden gem, this charming city offers tourists the chance to delve deep into the country’s history to discover a city rich with stories of endurance and perseverance.

After a complicated past, Prague was once an overlooked travel destination. However, in recent years, it has become a haven for tourists seeking breathtaking experiences at affordable prices. The Charles Bridge and the historic UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Prague Castle are two popular attractions that are not only some of the best places to visit, but they also offer free admission.

Hotels in Prague are also famous for offering superb rooms and facilities for a fraction of the price in most other European countries.

Lastly, however, Iceland is one of our top must-see and do holiday destinations for winter. It may sound a bit extreme in terms of how cold you actually want to be on holiday, but hear us out…

During the month of November, it is the perfect time to see the Northern Lights. Amazing right?

In Iceland, by day, you’ll be able to see thermal geysers, epic waterfalls and marvelous glaciers. By night you’ll watch the sky come to life as colours dance across the dark backdrop of the night sky.

It’s important to note that you REALLY need to pack extra thermals and other warm layers for this trip as temperature’s only usually reach a high of 4°C each day. Yikes. But if you ask us, this holiday is totally worth it and should be on everyone’s bucket list.

What to Pack for a Winter Holiday

Packing for a winter holiday requires some crucial planning. No one enjoys being unprepared and cold on a holiday, ever.

We have selected a number of basic items you’ll need to stay warm and comfortable, without over-stuffing your suitcase.

  • Thermals and Long Underwear- These are crucial items for your suitcase. The key to staying warm is through layers of warm clothing and these items are the best place to start.
  • Long-Sleeve Shirts- A couple of basic long-sleeve shirts are essential as well. Try pack neutral colours to make it easy for mixing and matching with other clothing items.
  • Sweaters- 2-3 warm sweaters are also a great idea. You can switch between them throughout your holiday without worrying too much about doing laundry.
  • Long Pants- Make sure to pack a variety of pants, with one of them being a simple black pair to match other items of clothing.
  • Boots- A reliable and comfortable pair of boots are an absolute must for your trip. Make sure they are in good condition to handle the elements and long distance walking.
  • Warm Socks- No one likes cold feet, end of story.
  • Gloves, Hats and Scarves- A few of these items can be used to accessorize your outfits as well as keep you warm.
  • A Coat- Choose a warm coat that matches your sweaters and pants, and provides warmth and comfort.
  • Chapstick and Lotion- These two items will save your lips and skin during your winter holiday. It’s important to keep your skin moisturized to avoid a dry and itchy feeling.

Now You Know Where to Go in November

Now that you know where to go for the ultimate holiday in November, it’s time to start your planning and packing!

Whether it’s the summer rays or winter chill you’re in search of this time of the year is perfect for an adventure and a break away from reality.

November is right around the corner so we suggest you make your choice between the summer or winter destinations, book your trip and jet set off on that much needed holiday before the Christmas rush is well underway. You will come back feeling like a brand new person.


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