The Very Best Hikes Near Las Vegas


Going hiking in Las Vegas is a truly awesome experience! While Las Vegas has stumbled upon much of its fame because of its thriving party scene, what people don’t realise is that Vegas has a lot of outdoor adventures to offer!

Hiking around Las Vegas is a completely unique experience that you haven’t likely heard of before! If you think hiking in Vegas is something you’re up for, here are some of the best Las Vegas hiking trails that you must try!

Each of these sites and Las Vegas trails will promise you a world of wonder, providing you with some of the best hiking in Las Vegas for you and your travel companions.

Best Hikes in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is home to some extraordinary landscapes, and contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to travel very far to find beautiful hiking trails near Las Vegas. Just a 10-minutes drive from the city, you’ll find some of the most rewarding short hikes you’ll ever come across.

Beautiful rock formations and petrified logs are just a few of the unique sites that you’ll likely encounter!

Here are the hiking trails in Las Vegas!

Fire Wave


Fire Wave is one of the most interesting hikes in the Valley of Fire State Park, which is one of Vegas’s premium hiking locations. This 2-kilometre hike takes you through some spectacular scenery, even walking through a ribbed sandstone valley, with a view of colourful hills.

Although the trail is 2-kilometres long, inquisitive hikers will more than likely hike a lot further. There are many viewing points just off the trail, and sandstone hills that will lead you away from the path for some easy exploration that provides excellent views.

Along the way, you’ll see views of colourful hills that have shades varying from yellow and burnt orange to turquoise and green.

There is little to no shade on this hike, so it’s advised that you either get an early start in the morning or head out in the evening. This way, you’ll avoid the harsh midday sun! Be sure to lather yourself in sunblock before you head out, and remember to wear your hat to shade your face.

Calico Tank

red rock canyon

Hiking Las Vegas is not always a walk in the park, in fact, some of their most popular hikes are rather challenging! Calico Tank is a hike found in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area that leads you up a canyon to a natural water catchment area. The hike is short, but what it lacks in distance, it surely makes up for in challenge.

You’ll hike over red rocks and up stone stairs, at times you’ll also be required to use your hands and feet to climb over ridges. As you make your way up the canyon, you’ll experience ever-changing scenery that will take your breath away.

On the way back, you’ll enjoy views of the desert that stretches out below the bottom of the canyon. Be sure to take your camera with for this incredible hike as you’ll want to preserve the mental image!

White Domes

white domes

This Las Vegas hiking trail is located in the Vally of Fire State Park, and its main attraction along the way is the magnificent slot canyon. The scenery throughout the hike is spectacular, and though it starts out on a small sandy path, you can expect much more to come.

The path will lead you over a series of stone stairs before you come to an area surrounded by boulders and rolling stone hills. The area has also been used in many American TV shows and ads, so you may even recognize the famous view.

Once you get through the canyon, the trail opens up to the desert landscape, with views over the red rock ridges and mountains in the distance. If you’re looking for gorgeous scenery, this is one of the best Vegas hikes you can go on!

Ice Box Canyon

ice box canyon

Ice Box Canyon is completely different from all the other hikes in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It offers a different perspective to the ones you’d expect and is a true box canyon.

It’s lined with dead-ending high canyon walls, with lush trees and shrubs that are able to grow because of the shade the sheer canyon walls provide.

Ice Box Canyon is a 4-kilometre trail, where you’ll walk along the canyon floor the entire way. This makes it great for hikers not too keen on climbing! If you’re looking for trails that allow hiking near Las Vegas, this trail will lead you deep into the heart of a canyon for a completely unparalleled experience.

Calico Hills

calico hills

Calico Hills are located inside Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, and you can actually see them from Las Vegas city. These red stone formations are located to the west of the city, and they just happen to be the park’s signature feature!

You can reach the hills from a variety of parking lots near the visitor’s centre, so they’re very easy to get to and there are a variety of paths that will get you there easily.

Depending on where you start, this can be anywhere from a 3 – 9 kilometre hike. It’s best to ask at the visitor’s centre for advice on which path will suit your needs.

Lake Mead Railway Trail

lake mead

The Lake Mead Railway Trail is a historic walk that holds many fascinating stories! The trail runs along the beautiful hillside, and as the name suggests, it overlooks the tranquil Lake Mead. The path will lead you through a network of tunnels, which for most people, is the highlight of the walk.

Because it’s an easily walkable trail, it has gained in popularity, so you’re bound to see plenty of other travellers along the way. The trail is a total of 12 kilometres, but if you don’t want to do the whole thing you can just do a piece.

The trail with the easiest access to the tunnels starts near the Alan Bible Visitors Centre, which is about 1.5 kilometres from the first tunnel.

Recent improvements to the trail make it wheelchair accessible, which allows more visitors to have access to this unique location!

Mary Jane Falls

mary jane falls

Mary Jane falls is one of the hiking trails (Las Vegas) that wind up Mount Charleston. The trail is about 4-kilometres long and provides plenty of interesting sites along the way. You’ll walk along a trail through a forested area toward the start of the canyon.

You’ll continue along a winding path that leads you up the canyon while enjoying spectacular views of Big Falls. Eventually, you’ll end up at Mary Jane Falls, where you can swim in the catchment area to cool off.

Because of the elevation of this hike, it tends to be a lot cooler than the other Las Vegas hikes, but you’ll still be up for a swim when you get to the top.

Death Valley National Parks Hikes

death valley

There is a loop of hikes in Death Valley National Park that take you through the unique terrain. This is considered one of the best day hikes near Las Vegas. The Golden Canyon, Gower Gultch, and the Badlands form a wonderful loop that allows you to explore the whole area!

Ridges and canyons form a wave-like landscape that looks a lot like a natural maze. If you complete the full circuit, you’ll end up walking about 7.8 kilometres, but if that’s a little long, you can always walk just one or two of the paths.

This is a great option for anyone looking for easy hiking near Vegas.

Clark County Wetlands Park Nature Reserve


If you don’t want to leave the city, hiking in Vegas is always an option. The Clark County Wetlands Nature Reserve provides the perfect opportunity for an easy afternoon stroll.

The area is focused around its wonderful wetlands, making it feel like a true oasis in the city. There is also long grass in which many of the wildlife in the area live. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll absolutely adore this hiking trail through the astonishing natural wetlands.

There are many trails that lead you through the wetlands, many of which are accessible via bicycle. These are great if you’re looking for a unique outdoor adventure whilst in Las Vegas.

Wrapping Up Places to Hike in Las Vegas

Now that you know about all the very best hikes in Las Vegas, start planning which ones you’ll be doing while you’re in the area.

While partying might be the name of the game in Vegas, there’s far more than just boozing and dancing to entertain you!

Take a trail a little off-the-beaten-track, or venture out on one of the most popular paths with some of the locals. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy some spectacular scenery, so be sure to bring your camera along for some of the best Las Vegas hikes!

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