Traveling to Thailand, what do I need?


Thailand is a popular tourist destination because of the locals, food, beaches and more. Visiting Thailand should be on everyone’s bucket list because of its lush forested mountains, cultural diversity, enigmatic locals, colourful cities and tropical beaches of islands.


Travelling to Thailand, what do I need?

Knowing what to pack and what to leave when going on holiday can be quite daunting, but we have compiled a list of things that are a must!

10 things you need before going to Thailand:

Consider this your survival guide on what you need when travelling to Thailand.

1. Sturdy Backpack


Invest in a durable backpack that will be able to hold all your things, without breaking your back in the process. A great backpack will have a harness to support the weight you’re carrying, but it’s important to remember to pack light.

The bulk of the weight should be supported on your hips, rather than your shoulders.

A hip belt helps to make sure the weight of the backpack is supported on your hips; shoulder straps keep the bag in position, without you having to fidget with it; a number of pockets or compartments that provide space for extra storage.

Shop around before deciding on a backpack because you want one that has a long lifespan.

2. Travel cubes


Packing luggage when going on holiday can be quite frustrating because you don’t want to leave things out of fear of needing them, or packing too many things. Travel cubes are perfect because they force you to organize your luggage into things that you really need: less is more!

The cubes also make it easier for you to pack and unpack things, especially when you are looking for something. You can mix sets up, colour coordinates them, etc.

3. Travel wallet

Carry all your important travel documents- passport, boarding cards, hotel reservations, credit cards, etc. in a travel wallet. There are a variety of different travel wallets: ones that you can hang around your neck, ones you can carry in your pocket. Make sure your invaluable documents are in a safe place.


Take pictures of all your important documents and save them to your cloud, send them to yourself and a friend via email, so that you have a record of everything in case you lose your travel wallet.

Rummaging through all your luggage, as you try to find your passport will stress you out. Having a travel wallet will help you know where exactly to find your important documents when you need it most.

4. Footwear


Walking around the city is a great way to meet locals and find out about the hidden gems that tourists often overlook, so investing in high quality and comfortable shoes is a must.

Getting shoes that are easy to remove should also be taken into consideration because you have to take your shoes off before entering into sacred temples, some businesses and people’s houses. You should also practise good foot hygiene, especially if you’re taking your shoes off.

Thailand is known for its scorching temperatures, so get shoes that are ventilated but are comfortable to prevent blisters, heat rash and other issues. It’s not advised to wear chunky hiking boots in the majority of Thailand because of how hot it gets. Sneakers with great sole will do the trick.

5. Water carrier


Water will become your best friend because of how blisteringly hot it gets in Thailand. Having a water carrier is a convenient wave to carry your water around with you, especially when you are going to be active. There are places where you can find safe-to-drink bottled water, but it’s just good to keep this bottle handy when walking around the city.

6. Medication


Having a health kit is essential because you never know when you might need them. Getting onto a plane doesn’t excite everyone, thankfully there is motion sickness medication or sleeping pills to help make the flight more bearable.

You have to give your body time to get acclimatized to the new time zone, but if you’re pressed for time there are pills for jet lag that will let you hit the ground running! Replenish your electrolytes to avoid feeling woozy, lightheaded and to avoid other diseases.

Allergy tablets can also prove helpful. Also keep something handy, if you experience any digestive problems.

7. Underwear


Sweat is something you’ll have to get familiar with when in Thailand. Find underwear that will bear the heat and your body’s sweat, by buying lots of cotton underwear; cotton is a great material because it’s breathable, while materials like nylon trap moisture.

Thailand is an incredibly humid country and having breathable clothing that wicks away moisture will prevent overheating.

You’ll also need a few extra pairs if you succumb to number 6.

8. Toilet paper


Yip, toilet paper made the list. In Thailand bidets, water hoses, or bum guns (as they’re commonly called) are used more often than toilet paper. The gently pressured water jet is used to clean up after going to the bathroom.

Not only is this more hygienic, it’s great for the environment and the sewage systems, but you will still need toilet paper when using public restrooms that are not always hygienic or that doesn’t have toilet paper.

Buy a small compact bag that will hold your toilet paper, hand sanitizer and moisturiser.

9. Sunscreen/ mosquito repellent


Thailand can feel like a furnace, and a sure-fire way to not get burnt is to apply lots and lots of sunscreen every day and the mosquito repellent.

You will have to reapply repellent during mosquito peak hours (around 17h00), to avoid spending the rest of your trip scratching yourself. Wear clothes that cover your body and protect you from the sun to fight off sunburn and mosquito bites.

Mosquito bite and sunburn relief provide that extra relief when the sunscreen and mosquito repellent didn’t quite do the trick.

10. Camera


There’s something about wielding a camera that makes you feel like a photographer, and with the rise of smartphones, there’s also something nostalgic about it.

You should take lots of pictures while on holiday in Thailand, so be sure to pack lots of memory cards. And always, always back up your images immediately. You will never forgive yourself for losing all those priceless memories, especially if it could have been avoided.

If buying a camera is out of the budget, then you can use a smartphone. A camera with a high resolution will definitely help to make your pictures look better, but a phone with an Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) technology will compensate for shaky hands.

Attachable camera lenses give your pictures a professional quality but at a fraction of the price. A portable charger will make sure no moment goes uncaptured. For the best angles, a kickstand, selfie stick or tripod will do the trick. Lastly, waterproof cases that make an ordinary phone waterproof – imagine all those underwater moments waiting to be photographed.

Buying small attachments keep your luggage lighter and more compact.


Besides your travel essentials for Thailand, this list covers the things that can be easily overlooked when deciding what to pack for your next holiday destination. Now, that you have an idea of what to pack, it will give you more time to plan your travel itinerary. Your next trip to Thailand awaits you …

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