Thailand in December


If you are looking for the perfect holiday abroad during December, look no further than Thailand. With the glorious weather, pristine beaches, amazing people and food, and steeped in culture, Thailand is the place to be. 


When it comes to the weather, Thailand may be the best place to be during December. It is dry, with temperatures hovering between 20 and 30 degrees celsius, it is a great time to visit. The rains have long past and the searing heat is still at bay. 

Across the country and islands, the weather remains consistent. Unlike other times of the year when the islands are dry but the mainland has rained almost every day, December brings the sun and clear skies all day long. 


Whether you are staying in the heart of Bangko, or on the beach on Phuket, the cities and tourist centres of Thailand have something for everyone. If you want hustle and bustle, or relaxation and quiet, you are sure to find what you are looking for. 

Bangkok offers tourists many markets full of souvenirs, clothes, food, and much more. There are also a number of hotels for you to choose from, fitting everybody’s budget. Bangko is also home to many ancient and cultural sites, as well as tons of places to shop and eat. 

The islands such as Phuket and Kho Phi Phi offer visitors the beach holiday they have always dreamt of. Incredibly soft, white sands roll into the crystal clear sea. There are also numerous hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and historical sites for you to visit. Fun and adventure is always only a few steps away. 


sunset view thailand

Considering Thailand is probably the most popular tourist destination in the world, there are no shortages of hotels, resorts and hostels. Whether you are looking for 5-star luxury or a small hut on the beach, Thailand has it all. 

Bangkok is teeming with exquisite hotels, while the islands offer visitors resorts and smaller, more intimate accommodations. Many of these establishments are also very reasonably priced, meaning you can easily move and change if you feel like a change of scenery. 


thai food

This is where Thailand blows every other country out of the water, their food. Known for having the best street food in the world, a delicious, freshly cooked meal or snack is never far away.

You can indulge in the local favourites, as well as many other cuisines from across the globe. You can pick up some ice-cold, fresh fruit from one of the thousands of street vendors, or even a bowl of noodles in one of the markets.

Thai’s most definitely pride themselves on what they cook, and if you are looking for something simple like a satay chicken skewer, or more unusual like a deep-fried tarantula, all you need to know is, is that you will definitely be going back for seconds.


Thailand is incredibly rich in history and culture. No matter where you look, there is a temple or shrine dedicated to one of the many religions celebrated across the country. Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, the signs and sights of these religions are everywhere.

There are numerous temple complexes for you to visit, as well as thousands of temples and shrines to visit and to reflect. Temple and historical tours are on offer everywhere, and it is highly suggested that you take one or two.

Thailand is definitely one of the best places to visit, and if you haven’t explored this amazing country before, what are you waiting for? There is a beautiful adventure waiting for you on the streets, the beaches, and everywhere you see.

Matt Davison
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