Fun Things to Do in Greenville, NC — Best Activities and Attractions


Greenville is a city in Pitt County, North Carolina, full of exciting activities and scenery. Pubs, restaurants, shops, and parks are just a few of Greenville’s outstanding attractions. A family-centred city, it’s a perfect place to have on your list for an RV trip with kids.

Greenville boasts a number of cultural and educational organisations whose mission it is to promote the arts in the community, thanks to Pitt County’s strong support. The city also has a rich history that you can experience for yourself. There will never be a dull moment in Greenville.

Let’s take a look at some of the exciting things to do in Greenville, North Carolina.

Things to Do: Greenville, NC

Since you’re wondering, what is there to do in Greenville, North Carolina, we’re here to let you know. This city will not bore you with its diverse choice of activities, scenery, and seasonal limited-time events. Let’s have a look at the city’s attractions.

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Greenville, NC – Must-do Activities

Pitt Street Brewing Company

Photo of barrel keg in bar

Pitt Street Brewing Company, one of the forerunners in the craft beer sector, is a must-see on your tour of Greenville. This company produces more than 4,000 barrels of beer every year due to tremendous demand.

Although Pitt Street has roughly eight core-types of beer, they have a variety of other types that you can drink, depending on the season. Try their flagship beer, Ruinenlust. If you’re a history buff, you’ll love it as this beer has quite the backstory. It is named after the original building which now houses Pitt Street Brewing Company.

AMF East Carolina Lanes

Photo of bowling balls on the conveyer

Put on your shades since this isn’t your average bowling alley. AMF East Carolina Lanes is recognised for its brightly coloured lights illuminating the entire facility. Make sure to play at the Bowlero, the coolest lane in town.

Then go to the arcade to play Pac-Man, Mario Kart, and Jurassic Park, among other oldies. Finish the evening with a cocktail at the sports bar. This is truly one of the most fun places in Greenville, NC.

Emerge Gallery and Art Center

Photo of art supplies like paint, pencils and brushes

The Pitt County Arts Council is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to promote arts and crafts in the community. Emerge Gallery and Art Center is one of the ways they accomplish this.

If you want to give back to the community, this is the place to go. There are outreach programmes dedicated to helping at-risk adolescents and cancer patients. The money made from enrolments goes toward funding for these causes, so enroll in a painting, drawing, or ceramics class. You can also opt to volunteer at the centre.

Alternatively, if you don’t think you’re artistic enough for those lessons, you can always see some fantastic art exhibitions and leave with some inspiration for the future.

Knee Deep Adventures

Photo of man canoeing on lake at sunset

Knee Deep Adventures is Greenville’s first kayak rental company, having opened in 2015. Here, tour guides will take you on incredible experiences. They’re also dog-friendly!

Special events, such as standup paddleboard yoga should not be missed. They also host exciting events such as night paddling and dog paddling.

A Time for Science

Photo of starry sky as seen through planetarium

Another great educational institution, A Time for Science, provides hands-on learning that is both entertaining and interesting. The centre hosts camps and e-mentoring programmes that support STEAM education and have some fantastic exhibits.

You will see some truly magnificent sights on this 380-acre nature preserve. While on the grounds you can go on a kayaking adventure and visit the Chia-yu Li Planetarium – all in one day.

The GlasStation

Photo of someone making glass over heat element

Out of the entire list of Greenville, NC, attractions, this is one of the coolest. The GlasStation is an experience you will not want to pass up.  Located only 15 miles from East Carolina University’s main campus, this highlight was built entirely by volunteers from the Farmville Group.

Spend three hours here creating your own work of hand-blown glass art and let the artist in you shine. This guarantees to be an undoubtedly memorable event.

Scenic Greenville, NC Attractions

River Park North

Photo of picnic basket, picnic blanket and white flowers

River Park North, a 324-acre park in Greenville, North Carolina, is renowned for its tranquil atmosphere. It is an ideal spot for spending time with your friends or family, and even by yourself.

Camping, hiking, fishing, and kayaking are just a few of the outdoor activities available in the park. You can also venture out on the river in a pedal boat or have a picnic with some pals at the BBQ grills. For nature lovers, there’s also a wildlife observation platform available at River Park North.

Greenville Mall

Photo of gravestones in grassy area

Okay, before you question what makes a mall so unique, let us explain. Greenville Mall is the city’s leading retail destination, where you can indulge in shopping or enjoy a wonderful meal. But, it’s the parking lot that’s the true show-stopper here.

We hope you enjoy the supernatural as there is a graveyard in the parking lot. There are literally tombstones right next to where people park their cars. Make sure to visit at night if you’re interested in the strange and paranormal.

Eastern Carolina Village and Farm Museum

Photo of small house on farm

Anyone interested in agriculture and agricultural life will enjoy the Eastern Carolina Village and Farm Museum. This is the perfect opportunity to learn a lot about Greenville’s past, as there are more than 20 farm buildings and towers on the property.

This highlight of Greenville NC scenery will transport you to North Carolina circa 1840, complete with a one-room schoolhouse and a milk house. Make your trip special at the Friend’s Event for some sweets and treats.

Greenville NC Events

PirateFest (April)

Photo of people dressed as pirates

Easily Greenville’s most famous festival, PirateFest is a must-see for anybody visiting the town during April. The celebration is also Greenville’s largest, shutting down eight street blocks.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to attend this festival, be sure to bring your parrot and eyepatch. You’ll need them to enjoy the fantastic music, street cuisine, and carnival rides.

Festival of Trees (December)

Photo of Christmas trees

Each year, 100s of beautifully decorated Christmas trees are on display in the Greenville Convention Center, thanks to the help of certain local businesses.

The Festival of Trees, held in December, brings the holiday mood to Greenville. This is an event not to be missed and bring your kids since children can read a story with Santa Claus.

Greenville, NC – Worth the Hype?

As you can see, Greenville, North Carolina, is well worth the hype, with an abundance of entertaining and educational activities and attractions. Despite its small size and lack of fame compared to other North Carolina cities, Greenville is not to be overlooked.

Add Greenville, North Carolina, to your list of locations to visit, and you might end up with your own piece of Greenville art.