7 Tips for a Successful RV Trip with Kids


Are you stressed lately? Have you been quite anxious and depressed this entire year actually? Well, you’re not the only one! Most of us need a break from all this COVID-19 panic and just go on an adventure with our loved ones. However, since air travel is not recommended right now (and so is other public transport) it’s best to take your RV and have a wonderful and safe trip with your family.

But how does one organize such a trip, especially when kids are involved? RVing in with little ones can be super fun, exciting and relaxing, you just need to know a few easy tips that will ensure everyone has a great time.

Make them involved

Do you know why you always get showered with “Are we there yet?” cries on your every trip? It’s because your kids have no idea where they are going! If you want to avoid that, let them have a say when it comes to organizing your trip. Older kids can even receive a budget and dates to organize the entire trip themselves! This action will make your kids even more excited about your RV adventure since every part of the trip is their idea. If you have a reluctant teen who’s not thrilled to travel with their family, getting them involved might be your safest bet.

Have a practice run

Want to see how you handle the RV and how your kids react to the drive? Have a short rehearsal trip first so you can practice parking, switching lanes, walking in the vehicle, preparing food and reading to kids. If anything needs to be repaired, this practice trip will tell you. It will also give your kids time to adjust, and you’ll know their reactions so you can react appropriately.

Provide plenty of storage

One of the best things you can do when setting up your RV is to give every family member a small space where they can keep all their private possessions. When compared to their size, RVs have a lot of storage, so put it to good use by filling it with collapsible fabric cubes for every member of the family. This will reduce clutter and prevent many arguments between kids about lost things and missing possessions.

Ensure comfort and wellbeing

RVs, no matter how big, are still smaller than your house, so make sure to ensure the space you have at your disposal is comfortable and safe for everyone. Start providing comfort and wellbeing with a quality RV air conditioner that will ensure you get the best cooling efficiency and minimal operating noise. If things often get heated up when your entire family is cramped in one vehicle, this gadget will definitely cool you all down and provide you with maximum comfort. Also, don’t forget that you’re still in a pandemic, so pack plenty of masks, hand sanitizer and hand soap—you will need to use them at every stop you make.

Stock up on snacks

You think kids are cranky at home when they are hungry? Get ready to see some of the most magnificent hunger tantrums while you’re RVing.

The combination of adrenaline, fresh air and outdoor time can double your kids’ hunger, so make sure you have plenty of snacks at hand. Use every free inch of your cupboard space and fill it with snacks.

If you practice healthy eating (very important during COVID-19 pandemic) make good snacks like fruit, veggies and nuts easy to reach, and junk food harder to access.

Or get the kids involved and spark the passion for cooking. Encourage your children into the kitchen to create their own healthy kid’s snacks. From granola bites to cheese bites – there are sweet and savoury healthy snacks perfect for the road and easy for kids to make.

Plan for a fun day inside

No matter where you’re traveling, around Australia, California or Europe, wherever you go, you can be greeted with a gloomy and rainy day. So make sure to have a contingency plan for those indoor days by filling your RV with all sorts of entertainment like board games, books, music, video games and other fun things. Cards are also a great addition to your entertainment collection since they are small yet offer endless fun. The little ones will be obsessed with UNO, while the older kids can use their indoor time to read some cool fiction, play monopoly with parents or just enjoy some new tunes while longingly staring out the window imagining they are in a music video.

Control the clutter

Your RV is not all that different from your home, and some areas will get cluttered easily. The more you manage to control clutter, the less stressful your trip will be since cutter can cause stress and bad mood. The items that create the most clutter in RVs are shoes, winter clothing, hygiene products and snacks. Keeping your clutter under control will make all the difference when living in such a small space and you will see that you can reap all the benefits of a camper holiday without any stress.

You think going on an RV adventure with your kids will end in disaster? Think again! With these tips, you will all have a fun, relaxing and safe trip that will re-energize both your body and mind.

Matt Davison
Matt has done marketing for travel and tourism for over a decade. His first love is SEO, with entrepreneurship hotter on its heels than a girlfriend. When he is not looking up flights back to his next destination, you can find him in the garden, making excuses to walk Rusty, strategizing with the team and tinkering on sites until the early morning.