8 Best travel backpacks to buy in 2024


There’s something exciting about choosing a backpack for your next adventure. And it’s even more exciting knowing that soon you’ll be living it up backpacker-style.

But a few days closer to your departure date you may be the second-guessing yourself. Is living out of a backpack really that great? How on earth are you going to fit everything? How do you know your backpack’s going to sturdy enough? Is my back going to be crumbling under the weight? Will it break at the seams? It seems like there are just too many things to consider when selecting the right backpack.

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Different travellers have different requirements when it comes to selecting a backpack, depending on the journey, budget, and individual. This article is going to narrow things down for you. These are all the basics of what makes a good backpack and 8 of the best backpacks in 2024, no matter the traveller!

What Makes a Good Backpack for Travelling?

Remember, a good backpack is essential for your travelling safely, comfortably and with as much ease as possible. Look out for the best quality products and determine the main purpose of the pack.

The right sized backpack: A backpack size is measured in Litres. Take a look at these guidelines to see which works best for you:

● Backpacks for day travel: 10-30 Litres.
● Medium backpacks for short trips: 30-50 Litres.
● Large backpacks for extra gear, clothing, and supplies: 50+ Litres.

Front-loading: The standard backpack that isn’t specifically designed for travelling is usually top-loading, meaning you unzip it from the top. It’s recommended that you opt for a front-loading backpack. This makes things easier and quicker to find.

Weather-resistant: The quality of the material is vital when selecting a backpack. You want a backpack that can handle the rain especially. You don’t want important items such as passports and gear getting soaked.

Comfort: Most importantly, the straps should fit comfortably. Feel out how the straps rest against your shoulders and try to test it out with some weight in the bag. Look out for compression straps, the straps found on the front and side of the bag. These pull tighter to reduce the movement of the backpack against your back. You also want to make sure your backpack fits everything properly and that it isn’t too small or too large for your size.

The Overall Best Travel Backpack for 2024

Earth Pack Waterproof Backpack

Super sleek, and super versatile, the Earth Pack Waterproof Backpack is perfect for travellers, commuters or adventurers. It’s airline friendly and can travel in the overhead storage. Traveling to numerous places becomes a lot easier. The PVC material keeps it dry throughout the seasons, plus it has its own waterproof and protective storage for cell phones.

It’s also perfect for travellers looking for style and practicality. They come in 5 different colours and all the packs are unisex. The backpack is also super well-organized which is ideal if you’re carrying gear, supplies or the basic necessities.

Key features:
● Completely waterproof (which is awesome for tropical holidays)
● Easy to use with many storage compartments
● Built for comfort with an ergonomic back panel that allows breathability
● Extremely affordable
● Plenty of storage
● Stylish travel backpack

Best Carry-On Backpack for 2024

Osprey Porter 46

Compression straps help protect the contents of this Osprey Porter 46while you’re on the road. It’s easy to pack and unload making it an ideal candidate for your 2024 travels. Given that it’s the perfect carry-on, it’s not a backpack you’d opt for lengthy travels. Rather for the journeys that involve a lot of hopping on and off planes.

You’ll find a padded laptop and tablet sleeve with direct access. A panel zip accesses the main compartment of the bag along with lockable zippers and a front organizer panel.

Key features:
● Zip away harness and hip-belt
● Foam protection
● Grab handles
● Lightweight travel backpack

The Best Business Travel Backpack

Nomatic Travel Pack

In this day and age, nomadic lifestyles seem to be the trend. If you’re looking for the best backpack for work and travel, the Nomatic Travel Pack is packed with useful features. At 20L there’s more than enough storage for everyday use. When you’re planning a longer trip, unzip the pack to release an extra 10L of storage.

The pack combines the best of traditional travel luggage with the best of travel bags. You’ll find secure storage for both the travel and work essentials.

Key Features:
● Cord pass through the pack for easy charging while travelling
● Hidden compartment for valuables
● Compartments specifically designed for tech (and even shoes)
● Magnetic water bottle holder
● TSA ready-flap for moving through airport security easily

Best “Backpacking” Backpacks for Travel

Arc’teryx Bora AR 63 Pack

Bring everything you need along and carry it comfortably in a variety of outdoor terrains. This Arc’teryx Bora AR 63 Pack key design feature is to enhance the traveller’s mobility. A roto-grip hip-belt allows the pack to move when you move and transfers the weight accordingly. While all this weight is being carried, foamed padding that shapes to your contours ensure shoulder and back comfort. Watertight zippers are an added bonus and guaranteed protection against rain or snow.

With plenty of space for your belongings, there’s no need to be shy when it comes to packing for long trips. Because of how much freedom there is for packing, a total of 63 Litres, you have the option of dressing appropriately for all the seasons.

Key Features:
● Side-pockets can carry 1L water bottles
● The pack is top-loading, but also access from the side of the pack
● Ventilated back panel
● Completely waterproof
● Highly durable with aluminum frame

Best Weekend Backpack

Allpa 35L Travel Pack

For short-trips away it’s not ideal to be burdened with a large backpack. You’re aiming to carry as little weight as possible. The Allpa Travel Pack is perfect for a traveller who simply wants the necessities for a weekend trip away.

Not only is it great for short trips, but it’s also excellent for hikes, climbing adventures or outdoor excursions. With a number of different side pockets, the pack allows the user to store numerous gadgets and equipment and retrieve them easily.

One of the best features of the pack is that the compression straps can loop through any of the many straps, meaning you can sculpt the back to the shape of your baggage. Ideally, this makes travelling with the pack lightweight and comfortable.

Key features:
● A removable top lid to customize the volume
● Foam lining on the straps which offers the shoulders support
● Exterior side pockets which are great for easy access
● Quick pull drawstrings
● Light travel backpack

The Best Small Travel Backpack for Travel Photographers

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

This Peak Design Everyday Backpack is designed for everyday travel use but it’s also protective enough to carry on cameras. The expandable design offers 12-20L storage, as well as a full-frame camera and 3-4 lenses. It’s a pack to bring along on day outings, hikes and weekend trips that you’re planning to capture on film. There’s no need to worry about your camera getting wet, it’s made with 100% recycled waterproof shell and zips with fast top action access.

Key features:
● Durable and weather-proof
● 4 External carry straps to buckle down bulky items
● One-handed top action, as well as dual side pocket access
● Adjustable sleeve for your camera’s height and laptop
● Aesthetically pleasing

The Best Travel Backpack for Europe

Eagle Creek Glocal Companion Backpack

The infamous EuroTrip, something we all plan on doing at least once in our lives. Whether you’re couch-surfing, staying in hostels or haven’t thought that far ahead, get your travel companion ready. Skip all the lines for baggage control and bring along a carry-on pack that’s fantastic for long trips, outdoor trips, cold trips and beach trips throughout Europe.

Eagle Creek has specialized in travel packs for a while now, so you’ll be guaranteed good quality products. It’s also one of the most comfortable backpacks. The pack’s ergonomic design allows the weight to be evenly distributed on your back. With a hip belt, top load adjuster and shoulder strap adjuster to fit the pack on comfortably.

Key Features:
● Top zip locks can be linked to the central lock to ensure the safety of belongings
● The pack is completely ensured by the ‘Eagle Creek No Matter What’ warranty
● Padded laptop sleeve
● Two separate packing compartments for organization
● Raincover protection tucket in the bottom of the pack

The Best Backpack for International Travel

Timbuk2 Wander Pack

The Wander Pack is ideal for travelling internationally given it’s ability to transform from a duffle bag into a backpack (you can easily store your shoulder straps in the back panel). It’s got a high storage volume(40L) and is super well organized. Inside you’ll find helpful little compartments to hold the small stuff as well as total protection laptop storage.

An air-mesh ventilation back panel keeps things cool and prevents moisture build-up, while adjustable straps keep the pack secured to your back. The internal and external compression straps assist with keeping things comfortable and ensure efficient mobility.

Key features:
● Wet storage or shoe compartment
● Over 5 main storage compartments
● Internal mesh wall helps keep things in place
● Convertible travel backpack
● Lifetime warranty

To Sum Up the Backpack Reviews

When it comes to finding the right backpack, the options often seem endless. It can sometimes be a little overwhelming when you don’t always know what you’re expecting. Keep things simple. Stick with good-quality products, keeping in mind that this is a long-term investment. While it might be tempting to opt for something cheap in the moment, a little down the line you’re not going to be happy when the seams start breaking and your back starts aching.

And good travel backpacks aren’t hard to find these days. But for every traveller there’s a different pack. The 8 backpacks mentioned here are a few of the best packs for 2024. Simply see what’ll work best for you and what type of travelling you enjoy best!

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