The Best Adventure Activities in Goa 2024


Goa is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world, and certainly is one of the most famously visited places in India. You get the best of everything when exploring this bountiful country, experiencing life from the cultural perspectives as well as being able to take part in an increasingly modernized way of life.

This popular Indian state is known around the world for its beaches with vast stretches of golden sands and thriving ocean-life. Goa is also home to some of the most fun-filled adventures and activities that will satisfy your wandering spirit!

Indulge in the beauty of the luscious landscapes, push your boundaries, experience once-in-a-lifetime moments and dive into a whole new world of excitement.

Every type of adventurer will be in awe at the array of fun to be had in Goa. Whether you are an adrenaline junky, or a cautious explorer, there are plenty of new experiences for you to go ahead and enjoy.

Being spoilt for choice, we have put together some of the most fun and unusual activities for you to consider trying when visiting Goa.

Affordable Watersports in Goa

Adventure sports in Goa are very popular, and you can participate in all kinds of watersports in the tropical paradise of this region’s booming beaches, and you are bound to see a people doing a lot of interesting things when you walk along the shores or take a dip.

Here are some of the most economical and fun water sports to take part in when by the seaside.


Have you ever dreamt of flying? Well, Atlantis Watersports offers a way for you to perhaps make that dream a reality.  This new and world-famous watersport known as ‘flyboarding’ has swept across the globe.

This is the first company provide a safe flyboard experience in the whole of Goa. You will be thrust into the air with the power of hydro jets that are attached at your feet, so you can hover above the water and feel the exhilaration of flight.

Whilst airborne, you will get a unique view of your surroundings and have a chance to do some sightseeing while you show off your skills.

Scuba Diving

We know that most people will agree that marine life is absolutely fascinating, as well as beautiful and diverse. The underwater world is enchanting, and you can dive into these wonderworlds by enjoying scuba diving and snorkeling activities on Goa’s beaches.

 The seas of Goa are the hosts of vibrantly colored coral reefs, old historical wreckage sights, as well as many different aquatic creatures and critters.

Scuba Diving in Goa is significantly cheaper than it would be in places such as the Maldives, and offers you just as much! It is ideal to do your exploring in the infinite ocean waters from October to May, as the waters aren’t rough during that season, making for a smoother and more joyful adventure.

You will get one of the most incredible opportunities to meet some unforgettable marine animals and soak up all the majesty of ancient coral reefs.

Go on a Kayaking Excursion

To really get the most out of your sightseeing, it is best to have somebody with local knowledge. This kayaking adventure provides you with unforeseen beauty and less traveled routes, allowing you to have a peek at sights that are best known to insiders.

You will go along the backwaters, and see the lazy beaches from a new perspective, all whilst embracing the magnificent wildlife. Sailing through stunning mango groves and along ponds adorned with lotus flowers (sacred flowers in Indian Philosophy), you will be taken on a heartfelt journey.

The insider’s wildlife tour of Goa’s backwater ways is something that you will find to be full of action, and incredibly picturesque. Enjoy kayaking with experienced and knowledgeable guides who will teach you so much about Indian wildlife and vegetation.

Crab Fishing in Goa

Why not do something different for dinner? Catch your own seafood in the traditional Goan style. You can have a blissful afternoon enjoying a crab fishing adventure in the glorious backwater oceans, watching the magical sunset and drinking a sundowner.

Assisted by professionals, you will be given all the tools you will need to successfully capture your own crab with a net. You won’t be sorry you gave this a try, and your taste buds won’t be either! Crabs are a delicacy in Goa, and the scrumptious flavor is the reason they are savored by the locals and tourists alike.

Outdoor Things To Do in Goa

Goa has some of the most divine sunsets, sunrises and warm temperatures in India! You won’t want to spend a beautiful day indoors, and, thankfully, have plenty of choices when it comes to outdoor activities to enjoy your day and soak up the wonderful weather.

Make sure to bring a camera along with you when you go on these adventures, to catch some legendary sunsets and for keepsakes of your journey!

Party Boat Trip

Image by @partyboat_goa

Goa’s adventure party boat trips begin boarding in the morning and early afternoon. You can enjoy the beautiful horizons and sun rays whilst taking part in the fun watersports provided.Whether you want to go kayaking, snorkeling, speed-boat riding, crab catching, stand-up paddleboarding, fishing, or simply swimming – you can do it all whilst relaxing on this cruise and catching a tan.

You will also get the opportunity to admire the backwater islands of Goa from the ocean. Spot dolphins, whales and plenty of exotic colorful fishes!

Beach Tours

You would have to be crazy to visit Goa and not bask in the beauty of this region’s famously pristine beaches! The beaches are relaxed, clean, whimsical and covered in palm trees. The beaches in Goa will have you feeling as if you have just stepped into paradise.

There are many glorious shores to escape to, and you can do that by taking a full-day tour of the sandy bays and inviting ocean waters that Goa welcomes you to.

Each beach offers something magnificently unique, and you are sure to stumble upon a few cows on your journey so don’t be surprised if you hear a few moos during your sunbathe!

Give yourself a moment to bask in the relaxed atmosphere and breathtaking scenery of Goa.

Go Camping

Image by @goaadventureclub

If you are looking for an authentic experience of the indigenous plants and habitats of Goa, then a camping trip is one of the best options available for you. You can spend the day cycling through the lush jungle, meeting locals that live in tribal villages, and then spend your moonlit night in a peaceful spot amongst rich landscapes.

Along this journey, you will find yourself in untouched parts of this magical region, so you can see Goa in all of its natural splendor! It is an exciting and awe-inspiring experience for all those who embark on the trip, and you will find yourself taking something special back with you in your soul once you leave.

The campsite is a host of fun, with log fires, roasted marshmallows, freshly cooked food, cold drinks and remarkable sunsets!

Go on a Churches and Spice Farm Tour

To ensure that you make the most of your adventure in Goa, be sure to go on as many tours as you can. A tour of the churches and a spice farms is one of the most memorable and interesting activities for you and your company.

For 6 hours, you will have an opportunity to visit churches that belong to the Old Goa, a beautiful era of this region’s timeline. A time when its churches even rivaled those of ancient Rome. The architecture is marvelous and will take you on a time warp to see Goa before it was colonized by Portugal.

After the historical and heritage-rich tour, you will then move on to visiting a fully-functioning spice farm, where you will taste delicious Goan meals that are enhanced with magical aromatic spices. You will fall in love with the cultural cuisine.

The Spice Farm tour is only 20 minutes long, but is full of fun and new knowledge for tourists. You can laze under the dense canopies of the rainforests, and treat your senses to the agricultural crops of genuine spices, along with indigenous trees.

You will also meet 3 Elephants on the farm, who are friendly and would welcome you to ride them and give them a wash.

Take A Hot Air Balloon Flight

Image by @sogoa

If you are an early bird, and want to know how to fill your waking hours with exhilaration and picturesque magic, then you will need to look no further. Treat yourself and your travel companions to a bird’s eye view of Goa’s mesmerizing landscapes of dream-like beaches and hills that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Gently float in your hot-air balloon and observe as the golden sun rays light up the sky and full the day. Warning: this will be utterly breathtaking and one of the most unbelievably beautiful sights you will ever witness.

You will be thankful that you braved any fears about heights, as you get a fresh and unique view of the most lively parts of India!

Take an Offroad Bike Tour

During this exciting 8 hour bike tour, you will be amazed by all that you will come to see. Traveling by bike through the local village of Kadwal, and off-roading on a trail straight through abundant forest terrains.

This is a safe, yet adrenaline-filled trip, and you will have a host of professionals to keep you on track and to keep an eye on you as you make your way through the vegetation of Goa.

Go for a Private Eco Tour

Embark on a one-of-a-kind exploration of the best of Goa. A private tour provides you with educational information, and allows you to visit some of the unknown sites that are gems! Traveling past the Cumbarjua Canal, get a view of crocodiles during a cruise and then have a walking tour of the must-see old churches.

Expand your knowledge of Goan food and farming culture, as you enjoy a Tropical Spice Plantation after you adventure through the forests and backwaters.

Visit The Dudhsagar Falls

The site of the Dudhsagar Falls has become one of the most famous and best enjoyed in Goa. This beautiful landmark has a host of local legends and old myths surrounding it, adding to the ancient and noble atmosphere of this special space.

This is one of the best places to visit in Goa.You can even begin your adventure on an interactive jeep ride through the Mollem National Park, and find yourself at the very base of this majestic waterfall. Laze in the cool waters and allow to natural beauty to mesmerize and inspire you!

Sightseeing in the North of Goa

Goa has so much to enthrall you with, and you will find yourself wanting to explore more and more of this beautiful place as soon as you set foot on the land. The North of Goa is particularly incredible and is filled to the brim with must-see sites and marvels.

There are many famous beaches, one such as the Anjuna Beach, where you can rent banana boats and sail on the smooth currents of the ocean.

When you return to the shores, you can get yourself ready for an unforgettable and slightly cultural trance party. This region has highly acclaimed parties, and the incredible fun you have will make for an adventure as you meet new people and have a dance with other tourists.

Catch A HOHO Bus Ride

Hop On Hop Off bus rides are popular for those wanting to see more than the magnificent beaches and colorful casinos of Goa, as it gives you the chance to learn about Goa’s heritage. You will be immersed in the richness and diversity of India’s cultural Temples and historical landmarks.


This is a leisurely activity, and the ride itself lasts 8 hours. You can conveniently catch one at a starting point that is close to you, and take a grand tour through the lively cities.

Games To Play In Goa

Along with a host of local games that you can play with coconuts, there are plenty of more interactive and outgoing games for you and your loved ones to play. If you love games, then here are some of the best ones you can give a try when in Goa.

Aqua Zorbing (Zoccer)

Aqua Zorbing is super fun for families, and for adults who want to awaken their inner child. It is fun and easy to do, all whilst providing quite a lot of exercise.

A maximum of two people can jump into an inflatable zorb balloon and be enclosed.

Floating on the water, you can slip and slide around on the inside of your watercraft and amble with excitement in the ocean waters. It is challenging to stay standing, so you will get plenty of funny moments with your loved ones as you fumble about.

You can book this activity on any of the beaches, or even at your hotel swimming pool.

You can also play a game called Zoccer, a sort of soccer-in-water kind of game. This game is amazingly fun and also very safe must-do adventure in Goa.

Play Paintball

There are facilities for you and your companions to saddle up and start shooting at one another, but don’t worry, the ‘bullets’ are only plastic balls full of different colored paint. You can strategize and conquer with your friends, having loads of laughs along the way! This action-packed activity is a favorite around the globe.

For those who are game lovers, it is the perfect way to spend your afternoon.

Visit Mystery Rooms

Mystery Rooms have become a new trend and activity over the recent years, and we’re super glad that this strange and intriguing game style has made its way to Goa.

You can become the next Sherlock Holmes, and solve a thrilling mystery case all within a limited space of time. Finding clues and working as a team with your friends to unravel the truth. Mystery rooms give you a unique opportunity to both enjoy your evening and be a hero at the same

Indoor Things To Do In Goa

There are so many inviting and beautiful activities to be had indoors, on those days when you want to delve more deeply into the culture and feel of Goa. Begin a journey into the real lives of locals, the history of Goa, and take part in an unusual and famous theme park.

Go on A Tour of the Temples

Image by @mr.perfectlyperfect

Taking a tour of Goa’s sacred temples is a mind opening and truly mesmerizing adventure, and you will be stunned by the glory of these structures and the loving detail put into each and every one.

Having an archaeologist as your guide, you will have the chance to dive deep into the beliefs and philosophies of the loving spiritual nature that the Goans are known for. There are so many wonderful and ancient temples, as many of them managed to survive the colonization.

Stroll through and admire the Mahadev Temple, Mangeshi Temple and the highly revered Shiva Temple.

Cook And Dine With A Local

The cuisine of Goa is famous worldwide, providing decadently sensuous tastes and rich aromas. Tasting and enjoying this food is a whole experience on its own, and has captured the hearts of many visitors.

Interacting with locals is the best and most authentic way to learn about Goa, and you can learn plenty that you would never have learned otherwise. The locals are very friendly and welcoming, and you can accept the invitation from home-chef Brinda to join a local in the kitchen, cooking and expanding your abilities to create new and special dishes.

This passionate local will teach you the tricks of her trade, and show you how to make proper Tamil cuisine. After your interactive cooking class, you can sit down and share a meal together, listening to endless stories of Goa’s vast history.

Go To The Snow Park

Image by @snowpark_goa

For a day spent indoors on the rare occasions that the sun is tempting you onto the beach, then another favorite attraction in Goa is The Snow Park. This is everything you could want for entertainment, and is fun for everyone!

Make sure to dress warmly, as you will be in -5 (degree) temperatures. You can play in real snow, and wonder about in amazement in a true winter wonderland of igloos, sledge cars,  and snowmen. There is even an ice bar where you can get yourself a drink in authentic ice glasses. If that doesn’t blow your mind,  then have a snow party. Bust a move with the professional DJ and groove to the laser lights.

The Snow Park is an absolute joy, and every last snowy detail has been lovingly provided for your experience.

Take A Cruise On Deltin Casino Royale

Image by @sunilnagavelli

Casino Royale is the largest and most exclusive floating Casino in the whole of Goa. This Casino is known for its elegance and glamour. If you’re wanting an upmarket and classy gambling adventure, then be sure to hop along for a day or night on the Deltin Casino Royale.

There is an entire gaming floor that provides you with all sorts of popular games, such as slots and gaming tables, and you if you like poker, then you will love that there is a room dedicated to just that.  It is definitely the  classiest.

China Garden caters for your appetite on the dining floor, and you can sit back and enjoy live entertainment from the sundeck. This floating casino is lively, exciting and full of new experiences to be had and memories to be made.

Last Thoughts

Goa is a one-of-a-kind region in India, where tourists have all the most exciting choices available to them, and are welcomed with the open arms of every local. You are bound to make the most prized memories of your life, and meet plenty of new friends along the way, including affectionate elephants.

There are so many spectacular places to see, feel, explore and dive into that you will feel an endless amount of energy and fun. Goa is upbeat and classy, making trips there golden. You won’t want to leave!

Unbelievable food, clothing, animals, landscapes, pants, people, adventures and sights…

Day or night, the adventure never stops and you most definitely must join in!

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