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Are you planning to visit this incredible island in the Caribbean? We totally recommend it, as it’s a fantastic place to be, whether you’re exploring the El Yunque Rainforest or simply chilling by the beach.

That said, there is definitely a best time to visit Puerto Rico, as the archipelago goes through a rainy season and can also get very crowded. We’ll guide you through the optimal times for various things, including Puerto Rico day tours, surfing, and wandering through San Juan.

Keep reading as we get into all the nitty-gritty info about travelling to Puerto Rico, saving you time, money, and effort.

When is the Best Time to Go to Puerto Rico?

“When is the best time to visit Puerto Rico?” you may be asking. Well, this depends on a whole lot of things, including your preferences, budget, and willingness to withstand the humidity.

Overall, the best time of year to go to Puerto Rico is between December and April, as you get the most terrific weather and vibrant festivals. That said, it’s also the high season, so it can get crowded.

Fear not; we’ve got the best times to visit Puerto Rico for everyone, whether you’re looking for an affordable tropical holiday or avoid tourists.

Best Time to Visit for Fantastic Puerto Rico WeatherPhoto of San Juan from above

The best times to go to Puerto Rico for wonderfully warm temperatures are between January and March. Puerto Rico in January and February is the coolest, with lows around 21ºC and highs around 28ºC.

The best season to visit Puerto Rico weather-wise is actually winter, as this offers pleasant days with minimal chances of rain. This is between December and March. So, if you’re looking to avoid the snow and rather have a tropical Christmas, visit during this season.

Cheapest Time to Go to Puerto Rico

Overhead photo of El Yunque National Forest

The cheapest time to visit Puerto Rico is between June and November, as it has the highest likelihood of hurricanes and rain. With these weather conditions, you’ll also get fewer tourists visiting – which means more affordable accommodation and flight tickets.

Don’t worry; just because it’s the rainy season doesn’t mean it’s not a fun time to visit the island. In fact, you can still enjoy so many things in Puerto Rico. Attend the Barranquitas Artisans’ Fair and Festival of Saint James, the Apostle in July or check out the El Yunque National Forest.

Top tip: Looking for a fantastic place to visit for the 4th of July? As a US territory, the island comes alive with fireworks, live music, and delectable Puerto Rican food.

Best Time to Go to San Juan, Puerto Rico

Photo of street in San Juan

The best time to visit San Juan, Puerto Rico, is between April and June. This is during the season of spring, so it’s got moderate temperatures, fewer people, and more affordable rates in the city.

You’ll also avoid hurricane season, which is always a plus. What’s more, it’s also got some fun events, such as the Saborea Food Festival in April and Noche de San Juan in June.

Saborea is a fantastic way to try Puerto Rican cuisine, see celebrity chefs perform, and taste some local rums. Noche de San Juan celebrates the birth of Saint John the Baptist – the city’s namesake. Be part of the fun by enjoying the beach and taking three backward plunges into the sea. This is said to rid life of all negativity – and it’s a terrific experience to socialise with locals.

Best Times to Go to Puerto Rico for Smaller CrowdsOverhead photo of Cabo Rojo

If you want to avoid the crowds that visit in winter but still desire lovely temperatures, the best months to go to Puerto Rico are between May and October. In fact, September sees around 80,000 visitors come to Puerto Rico. This could be, in large part, due to it being the peak of hurricane season.

However, if you don’t mind a bit of unpredictable weather, you’ll enjoy a relaxing time on the island. You’ll be able to take in all of Puerto Rico’s majestic beaches and forested trails without the fear of being overtaken by overzealous tourists.

In fact, this is one of the cheapest times to travel to Puerto Rico, so it’s perfect for a tropical vacation on a budget. Additionally, this is when Puerto Ricans go on vacation. In September, the island celebrates the patron saint Montserrat at the Fiesta de Nuestra Señora de la Monserrat.

Best Months to Visit Puerto RicoPhoto of Condado Beach

If you’re looking to visit the island in a more specific time period, don’t stress. We’ve got some of the best months to travel to Puerto Rico, from the off-season to the best beach weather.

Puerto Rico in February

February sees a bit of a drop in tourists, as many return to the mainland in January to start their year and get back to work. This makes it the best month to visit Puerto Rico to enjoy sunny weather, beach bums, and family holidays.

Plus, there are some great festivals and events in the month, like the Puerto Rico Open and the Ponce Carnival.

Puerto Rico in April

April is another good time to visit Puerto Rico, as it’s the start of the island’s off-peak season. This means you’ll see the last of the winter tourists leave, and hotel prices will start to lower.

It’s an idyllic month to go to Puerto Rico as the beaches begin to empty, meaning you can enjoy sunbathing, snorkelling, and swimming. We’re talking about water temperatures averaging around 27ºC!

Puerto Rico in September

September is the best month to go to Puerto Rico if you’re on a serious budget, as it’s got the biggest plunge in tourists. This is because it’s in the middle of the hurricane season, and many don’t want to be caught on the island.

Although this may seem worrying, most of the time, it’s an okay period to visit as long as you keep an eye on the weather forecast. Also, a lot of hotels and tour companies lower their rates – so you can save a bunch of cash.

It’s also one of the best islands to visit in September, as it’s in the hottest period of the year and the peak season for bioluminescence. So, it’s a great time to visit the bio-bays of Laguna Grande, Mosquito Bay, and La Parguera.

When to Visit Puerto Rico FAQs

Photo of colourful buildings in Puerto Rico

Don’t let unnecessary questions halt your holiday. Here are the answers to the most common questions about when is the best time to travel to Puerto Rico.

What Are the Best and Worst Months to go to Puerto Rico?

The best months to visit Puerto Rico are between March and July. The worst months to go are between September and November.

What Months is Hurricane Season in Puerto Rico?

The official hurricane season in Puerto Rico goes from the beginning of June until the end of November. September is the month with the most cyclone activity.

Is Puerto Rico Expensive to Visit as a Tourist?

Visiting Puerto Rico can be a cheap beach vacation; you just need to plan ahead. However, if you go to Puerto Rico during the winter, you’ll pay around 300 USD a night. If you travel on a budget on the island, you can expect to pay around 100 to 150 USD per day.

Wrapping Up the Best Time to Travel to Puerto Rico

So there you go, all the best times to go to PR. It’s a delightful place to be with loads of activities, from exploring its bioluminescent bays to wandering the streets of San Juan.

No matter when you go, rest assured there’s always something fun to do in Puerto Rico. Now, all you have to do is start packing your bags and book a flight to this terrific island.

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