Eight Things That You Shouldn’t Do When on a Beach Vacation


Now as the year is fast approaching its end, the vacation period is not too far behind. While the Corona pandemic is still gripping the world over, the activities are gearing up, and life all across is slowly and casually (albeit with precautions) coming to normal. The same is the case with vacation, as people are now starting to make plans for their vacation. Out of all the available options, the beach is the top pick.

So, are you in the process of planning your beach vacation this year? Right from where to go and having to find vacation rentals on Ft. Myers Beach, or wherever you are going, to shopping for that, and much more, there is a lot of stuff that you will be engaged in doing.

While there will be so much that you would be excited about, to do and enjoy on your beach vacation, have you ever considered what exactly you shouldn’t be doing there so that it results in a smooth, playful and enjoyable holiday time for you and without distracting anyone else? Well, if not, then you need to think about that now. Here, we have listed down some basic guidelines on what you shouldn’t be doing on a beach vacation-

1. Don’t Play Right at the Crowded Places

Playing beach volleyball may be a sport that you may be fantasizing about, or tossing a frisbee would be something you find want to do when on a beach however it shouldn’t be placed right there amongst the crowds. When others are lounging, sun-bathing, book-reading or just relaxing they wouldn’t want to get annoyed by your activities.

2. Don’t Play Loud Music

Well, this would be party time and you would be all up for some music and fun. However, this shouldn’t come at the cost of disturbing others. Just like mentioned in the above point, your music too shouldn’t be loud enough that it is enjoyed by you only but not anyone else. It is a nuisance that you should do well to keep away from.

3. Don’t Forget to Bring Your Headphones

This point is in addition to the above point. When you are in the mood to party and enjoy your music when on the beach, why let anything keep you away from this. So, instead of playing out music loud, just tug along your headphones with you and keep the fun up to you while having a perfect holiday time at the beach.

4. Don’t Forget to Stay Hydrated

Staying in the sun for a long time period means that the sun will dry you out as well. When you are in the heat all through the day, it is important that you bring along a thermos filled with water. Staying hydrated full and throughout the day when you are out on the beach is something that you shouldn’t forget. Stock up and take along drinking water depending on who you are taking along with you.

5. Don’t Forget Sunscreen

While as pleasant and happy you will feel out in the sun, you should not forget the dangers of the sun’s rays for your skin. Getting tanned is a good thing, but make sure that bathing in the sun doesn’t lead to causing any skin problem for you. This is where applying sunscreen is an important thing. It helps to reduce aging, wrinkles, dark spots, and in some cases even skin cancer issues.

6. Don’t Leave Any Trash Behind

Being on the beach is like having a picnic outdoors where you are doing all kinds of stuff, playing, bathing, surfing, reading, relaxing, eating, and much more. With all this much, there is no reason that you forget some basic etiquettes – like tossing the garbage into the sand. With all awareness campaigns running all across for keeping the trash away from sea animals, if you are doing so, then it is definitely wrong on your part. Make sure that along with the entire stuff you are taking along one or two plastic bags to keep all the trash in and bring it along when you are leaving the beach.

7. Never Go Too Deep in the Sea

Surfing and bathing are very playful and exciting activities. However these wise words shouldn’t be forgotten – playing too much with water can be dangerous. Therefore, you shouldn’t go too far in the ocean and never allow anyone else to take unnecessary risks.

8. Don’t Play Drowning Games

Just as mentioned in the above point, playing drowning games also is not healthy in any way. There are several other sports fitting for the beach and which can be played amongst a number of people. Therefore, keep yourself engaged with those games, but none of that should be encouraging any kind of drowning game.

Apart from the points mentioned above, some other things that you shouldn’t be doing on the beach are smoking, running in the sand, ignoring warnings, local customs, and much more. So, now, find vacation rentals on Ft. Myers Beach, or anywhere else, and go with full knowledge of how to make your beach vacation an ideal one.

Matt Davison
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