Iceland in December (Travel Guide for an Icelandic Christmas)

If you enjoy traveling and seeing the Northern Lights, Iceland is the spot you want to be. This country provides the most amazing holiday memories like no other.  The country offers more than just a...

Iceland In April – A Travel Guide For First-Time Visitors

April marks the slow decline of the winter months in Iceland. The days start to get longer and the temperatures slightly warmer. It’s the perfect time to see Iceland. Iceland is well known for being...

Travelling To Iceland In January – What To Expect 

Iceland is a beautiful country filled with mountain ranges, glistening waterfalls, geothermal pools and vast stretches of open land dotted with the occasional town or small city.  The month of January falls in the middle...
Ski Village in France

5 Best Ski Resorts in France for a Stunning Snowy Holiday

Some people thrive off the sun's rays on hot summer days, the smell of sunblock, and finding the best tropical beach holiday. Those who become somewhat of a walking blanket in winter. Others feel...

Cava Tour Barcelona – Best Wine Tastings In & Around The City

If you’ve drunk Prosecco in Italy and Champagne in France, then you simply have to try Cava in Spain. And if you haven’t yet, then this is where you should start! Most tourists visit Barcelona...

10 Best Things To Do in Copenhagen

Renowned as being one of the most costly European and global destinations, Denmark's stylish capital Copenhagen is often regarded as somewhat bland and certainly pricey. Yes, the Little Mermaid makes for a great selfie,...

Best Ski Resorts in Austria

Austria Ski Resorts - Value for Money Austria, like France and Switzerland, has built a reputation for offering world-class skiing terrain in the heights of the Alps and part of the Dolomites. Austrian skiing offers...

Couchsurfing Europe – Everything You Need to Know

Do you love to travel, but barely have enough money to buy two-minute noodles and tea for the week? I do - I am always on a shoestring budget and planning my next trip...
Dolomites Peak

Best Hikes in Dolomites Italy! Routes & Times

As one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, visiting the Dolomites is a must for any nature-loving traveller. If you are planning a holomite (holiday to the Dolomites), you can take your...

The Best Things To Do In Porto, Portugal

Wondering what there is to do in Porto? Don’t worry. We’ve gone on a search to find the top things to do in Porto, Portugal. You’ve probably heard of the Douro river and the...

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