Awesome Things To Do in Hattiesburg MS


Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is a charming medium-sized city nestled at the crossroad of six major highways. As a result, the city is often called the “Hub City.” On the contrary, Hattiesburg is not a place people go through only to get to another location.

There are many fun attractions and activities to do in Hattiesburg. The city is known for its historical architecture, rich African American history, and reputation as the birthplace of many Blues musicians.

Take a trip to Hattiesburg for an incredible Southern experience. While you are there, here are some fun activities to do in Hattiesburg.

Fun Things to do in Hattiesburg MS

The heart of Hattiesburg lies within its more than 45,000 residents. Visitors will have the most generous welcome to Hattiesburg when interacting with the locals. The city offers recreational activities like parks and annual events for pre-planned trips.

Although it is loads of fun, travelling can be physically straining. Pack clothing that will allow you to travel light and dress well at the same time.


Downtown Hattiesburg MS

Downtown Hattiesburg is the heartbeat of the city. Visitors can treat themselves to a self-guided tour to see the historical architecture. The Downtown district has artistic and recreational sites like sculpture parks and the Public Art Mural Trail with over 20 paintings.

Other Hattiesburg attractions available in the Downtown district include:

Oddfellow’s Gallery

Oddfellow’s Gallery offers an array of beautifully handcrafted paintings, drawings, and sculptures for visitors with a taste for fine art.

The Oddfellow building was a two-story building originally built in 1899. The third floor was designed in 2010 by a local architect Robert E. Lee. Gallery management utilises this floor to host meetings, events, performances, and tenants.

The Gallery has hosted exhibitions featuring sculptors such as Mark Brown and Mark Fairchild and paintings by Brain Wilson and Robert Williams.

Alley Cats Axe Throwing

For an enjoyable physical activity, tourists can visit the Alley Cats Throwing Co for a safe and fun axe throwing experience. Like darts, axe throwing requires flinging an axe targeted at the bullseye. Participants score points based on their proximity to it.

The venue allows visitors to bring food and drinks from nearby establishments. It is never a good idea to throw axes on an empty stomach.


Crawfish Festival Hattiesburg MS

The Crawfish Festival is one of the annual events hosted in Hattiesburg. The festival offers a wide variety of live music, all-you-can-eat boiled crawfish, burgers, hotdogs, beverages, and crafted beer.

The live music begins at around 11 am. During the festival, you can expect to hear the Blues either from a DJ set or a performance by locally-renowned Blues artists.

No animals, coolers, or outside food or beverages will be allowed.

Little Black Creek Cabin Rental Hattiesburg, MS

The Little Black Creek Cabin Rentals offer visitors a beautiful landscape with a manicured park and campground facilities. The park surrounds a 640-acre lake where visitors can engage in various outdoor activities.

Some fun things you can do at the park include fishing, swimming, kayaking, bike riding, picnicking, and camping. Little Black Creek has over 100 visitor sites, 20 cabins, and golf carts available for rental.

The Little Black Creek campground is also an excellent spot for backpacking on a budget, with camping rates starting from R487,50 ($33USD) per night.


Longleaf Piney Resort Hattiesburg

If you’re looking to get away from the Hattiesburg city centre, Longleaf Piney Resort is the perfect getaway. The resort is settled in a forest of pine trees, which creates a serene and relaxing environment.

The Longleaf Piney Resorts offer an assortment of tiny rental houses and access to the 44-mile Longleaf Trace.

The resort also offers bike rentals for visitors who do not wish to walk the trail. For those who love hiking, make sure you shield yourself from the sun by preparing a skincare routine while travelling.

Hattiesburg Tourist Attractions

Hattiesburg is a city full of tourist attractions. From a bustling nightlife with restaurants, bars, and breweries to kid-friendly spots like the zoo and many museums, Hattiesburg is a place with something for everyone.

Hattiesburg Zoo “Lights of the Wild”

The Hattiesburg Zoo is probably the most fun-packed activity available for kids. Although it is only about 12-acres, the zoo is home to over 100 species of animals from all around the world. It also has picnic facilities, a train, and a carousel.

The zoo also hosts an annual Lights of the Wild event. The event features LED lantern displays of life-sized animals, plants, and holiday decor.

Hattiesburg holidaymakers will also have access to holiday carts serving hot beverages, smores, and waffles.


The Lucky Rabbit Hattiesburg

If you ask locals for recommendations of what to do in Hattiesburg, the Lucky Rabbit will come up more times than you can count. This antique shop is full of souvenirs and collectables.

The Lucky Rabbit combines a thrift and vintage store with over-the-top displays. You can expect to see retro arcade games, cola machines, and vintage logos of your favourite brands.

Unfortunately, the shop is not open every day. It would be advisable that you check their website for updates.

Hattiesburg Museums

As a city with so much heritage and culture, it is not shocking that Hattiesburg has many museums and historical landmarks. Each museum in the town represents an aspect of Hattiesburg’s multifaceted history.

Hattiesburg Pocket Museum

Despite being the tiniest museum in Mississippi, the Pocket Museum is arguably the most famous of all the museums in Hattiesburg. There, visitors will find displays of miniature figurines and landscapes.

To find the museum’s location, visit their website or take a stroll down the Public Art Mural Trail.


African American Military History Museum

Another museum that embodies the culture of Hattiesburg is the African American Military History Museum. The museum exists as a tribute honouring men and women of colour who fought and served their country across many wars and battles.

The building has a fascinating history. It was built in 1942 by volunteers as a social club for African American soldiers. Because of segregation, the museum was a place for black soldiers to relax, read books, and play games.

Closing Remarks on Hattiesburg, MS

Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is a place you visit to experience how heritage and culture are restored, upheld, and celebrated every day. Although it is a small city, Hattiesburg is a melting pot where African American history, the Blues, and pine trees combine to create the most incredible small-town experience.

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