5 Steps to Prepare for an Off-Road Adventure of a Lifetime


Many people dream of just driving away into the sunset to escape into nature and leave the busy city life behind. Nature escapades are no longer popular just with the outdoorsy crowd, because the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed even the most hard-core city-dwellers into outdoor enthusiasts. This should come as no surprise, because being in lockdown for so long makes us crave an off-road adventure for the sake of our mental health.

What’s more, adventuring across natural landscapes is one of the best ways to experience an amazing vacation while staying safe from the pandemic. You want to avoid the crowds and enjoy the silence of the natural surroundings, while also going on some adventure rides as well. To that end, now’s the time to start planning your off-road adventure of a lifetime.

Today, we are taking a look at the five key steps you need to take to prep yourself and your car for an unforgettable adventure in the great outdoors.

Research the best off-road destinations

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First things first, what are some of the best destinations you could hit on your tour? Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to your local state or area, because with diligent planning and enough money, you can always go off-road adventuring abroad. With that in mind, your first order of business is to figure out where the best destinations are, how much it costs to get there, what the weather is like, where you’ll be staying, and other logistics.

Start by looking at the ease of access for your favourite destinations. Can you drive there from your hometown? Is the scenery what you’re looking for and are the activities what you expect? How about the weather, is it fair and conducive to an amazing outdoor escapade? Lastly, consider the type of terrain you’ll be traversing and whether or not your vehicle can withstand the pressure.

Sticking to the designated dirt roads and trails


Of course, it should go without saying that you should avoid going on an off-road adventure in your family sedan or a small hatchback that you’re used to driving around the town. It’s important to rent the right type of vehicle, because these adventures necessitate a vehicle that is not only safer, but able to traverse various terrains and get you out of a sticky situation at any time. Literally, if one of the wheels lands in a muddy patch, your 4×4 needs to be able to get you out.

That said, keep in mind that off-roading doesn’t actually mean that you can take your 4×4 jeep anywhere. Rather, it means that you can go off the beaten path but still follow the designated roads and side trails. Why? For safety reasons mostly, but also because these trails will take you through the most spectacular sights in the region. Check the map before you head out, and you’ll see that the designated roads are there for a good reason.

Make sure your vehicle is in top shape

Most important of all, if you want to experience an unforgettable adventure, you have to make sure that your vehicle is in top shape. Whether you’re taking your car or if you’re renting, make sure to get your vehicle to a certified mechanic for a final check-up before you leave. Do this well in advance in case there is work to be done on the car.

Most importantly, make sure you have the right offroad tyres for the adventure and the terrain you plan to traverse on your trip. Don’t forget to bring a spare tyre and the essential tools to make minor repairs on the road if need be. Don’t leave on your trip until you get the green light from your mechanic, and have them optimize the tyre pressure for the road ahead.

Bring the important outdoor gear

An off-road adventure is likely to last anywhere from a single day to several days in a row. You can even venture out into the great outdoors for a week, but to make it an amazing experience you need to bring the right outdoor gear.

Firstly, bring your essential gadgets. These include a rugged smartphone and a signal booster, a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, a GPS device, a solar power bank, and a DSLR camera to snap some Insta-worthy shots. Next, bring your survival gear, including first-aid kits, water purifiers, a fire-starter for camping, abseiling rope, and a trusty multi-tool. Bring a flare gun just in case.

As for the camping gear, you’ll need an outdoor stove, cutlery, plates, foldable chairs, sleeping bags, and other typical camping essentials. When you’re out there, you want to have a nice, cosy place to stay under the stars, so don’t skimp on the gear.

Follow the essential safety rules

Even the top off-road destinations in the world require you to follow the local safety rules and COVID-prevention measures. The pandemic is not over, and even if you’re out there in the great outdoors, you still need to adhere to the prevention measures in order to stay safe and healthy.

What’s more, keep in mind that each destination will have its own regional set of rules and regulations for adventurers such as yourself. You should follow these rules to the letter to stay safe on the road, keep others safe, and just have an amazing time.

Wrapping up

Going on an off-road adventure is one of the best ways to get away from it all this year. With these tips in mind, go ahead and organize an adventure you’ll remember for years to come.

Matt Davison
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