What to Expect When Visiting Universal Studios Post Covid-19


Universal Studios Orlando Resort reopened the theme park for team members on June 1 & 2 for a preview. However, the first major test was a preview of the Universal Studios Orlando Annual Pass Bearer and on-sites hotels guests June 3-4. Universal Studios and Universal Orlando Theme Park will reopened on June 5 with a series of changes, including:

  • Limited capacity
  • Temperature controls and coatings mandatory for all visitors and team members.
  • Improved “virtual line experience” to reduce the number of people queuing in physical proximity
  • Send the disinfection station that guests must use before entering the vehicle.
  • Support for cashless payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet
  • Transfer of parking lots in the park structure to promote social distance.
  • Floor marks indicating a proper distance of six feet

Universal Studios Orlando Resort requires that all guests wear face masks when coming the park. Before entering Universal CityWalk, a temperature control is required in the garage & hotel visitors are activated at their Orlando resort. Guests with temperatures of 0ne hundred point four degrees or more are rejected. In the park it is recommended to maintain a minimum distance of 3 m between the group and the other visitors. Visitors are asked to wash hands consistently for 20 secs.

The only zodiac sign here Universal Volcano Bay. As Volcano Bay Orland is a water park, different rules apply. Masks are not permitted in the water or on the slides. Masks are said to be recommended if you cannot social distance. No one wears a mask other than the team members & those who’re there & do not enter the water.

The Theme Park Experience

A full list of attractions on Virtual Line preview day includes: Hagrid’s “Magical Creatures” motorcycle adventure, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, Skull Island: Dominion of Kong, Pteranodon Flyer, “Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem “,” Mummy’s Revenge “,” Harry Potter “and the forbidden journey and race through New York with Jimmy Fallon. Other attractions of the application have shown that Virtual Line is sometimes available, so it will vary what is and what is not. Almost all attractions are open except for playgrounds, and all lines have social distance markers to create a separate party and hand sanitizers are dispensed before entering the attraction.

In amusement parks, Universal Studios Orlando is much more comfortable than Universal Islands of Adventures. The Universal wizarding world of Harry Potter Orlando is always given praise for its original size, making this area compact & real.

Characters get their own platforms or fenced areas, where they can as well interact with visitors without getting too close. There are signs on the floor where you could stay to take your perfect photo or selfie, and it’s quite a very smooth & enjoyable system. Most characters even have masks dedicated to their costume, making the photos very unique at the time.

For entertainment, there are many signs on the floor at the front stage that lets you know of where you & your group are and can watch the show. Crowding is not an issue during preview, though it can definitely be a problem as the park gets busier. It’s fun to see park attendance near the stage aiding in showing guests, where they can position to watch the shows given all the marked areas, are occupied.

It is great to view how the various actors have got used to the procedure. The Frog Choir in Universal wizarding world of Harry Potter appears in masks, though Celestina Warbeck & Banshees simply drift away from one another. Universal Blues Brothers will take the stage in face masks, but then take them away for the show.

It is fun to walk in the Theme Park and absorb the atmosphere. Famous venues like Harry Potter, Hagrids and The Forbidden Journey / Escape from Gringotts and Revenge of the Mummy have the Virtual Line option as an option, where you can reserve time for your party in a universal app and then drive with minimal wait times. You can use Virtual Line for Forbidden Voyage and Harry Potter and it’s easy once you have a pass.

We hope you enjoyed this article, please click on this link to find out more information on Universal Studios Orlando Packages. So much is changing but yet so much is staying the same.

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