The Perfect Itinerary for the Longest Motorcycle Ride in America


Many motorcyclist directories and documentaries are available for the convenience of new riders. A lot of accessible information is available on the internet carrying the experiences of literal motorcyclists and those who have been in this field for their lifetime. The world is full of tracks, though it is unfortunate that a single life span is not enough to ride all of them.

However, in this article, we have listed down some of the best itineraries in the regions of North and Central America for the longest motorcycle rides. But, before getting you straight to the ride of spectacular routes, let’s discuss what would be the procedure of planning your route.

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How to Plan Your Trip?

Some of the things that every rider needs to keep in mind are given below. These tips will help you to overcome all the difficulties that you may find on your way towards your destination.

Motorcyclist riding in sunny weather


You cannot just ride out on your first experience of a new place. Using maps and GPS helps in finding your way without wasting your precious time. If you are done deciding your destination, put it on the GPS and start your journey. It will also help you to find out the availability of fuel stops and stay areas.


Check out the climate conditions before leaving your home. It is essential to be aware of the climate conditions so that you should pack accordingly. Some of the areas are hideous, you cannot foresee what time it starts raining and what time the sun aims to boil your blood. Make sure you are ready to deal with all and pack your stuff accordingly.


The warm weather that is perfect for riding can also be great for construction work. More states have websites that are helpful to get updates about road conditions and traffic delays.


Long motorcycle rides usually consist of overnight stays. Plan ahead and have your accommodations booked beforehand. Or there is another interesting way to spend a night. Put your camp under the open sky and enjoy your sleep under the starry night.


On longer journeys, you need to take more stuff with you, not unnecessary still more. Make sure you’ve packed everything you need in your motorcycle saddlebags. Pack an extra pair of shoes, a jacket, your important documents (licenses, IDs, etc).  Also, take some eatables along, obviously riding a bike burns a lot of calories and an empty stomach can make you lose your concentration.

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The Perfect Itinerary for Long Motorcycle Trips

Riding a motorcycle is more than just a hobby. It has now become a passion among the new generation. Powerful engines and scenic, beautiful and adventurous motorcycle itineraries are some of the basic reasons behind the grooming of this passion.

Let’s find out the perfect itineraries for our new riders and also for experienced riders who want to now go off-limits.

The tail of the Dragon – North Carolina/Tennessee, USA

An 11-mile-long route with 318 bends couldn’t be anything more adventurous and amazing than this. However, it could be heaven or hell, it all depends on the rider’s experience and driving skills, luck plays a secondary role here.

The tail of the dragon is one of Hollywood’s favorite stretches to film. On your way to this incredible American route, you’ll find motorcycle parts hanging from trees, which is considered to be an homage to various falls along the road. This track is ideal for sports bikes.

motorcycle parked on side of road

Duffy Lake Route – Canada

This 575km ring road starts on Highway 99 in the Vancouver area of the Canadian City and passes through some really spectacular scenery. This first part of Duffy Lake Route is along the fjord in Howa Sound with mountains and seaways, then the deserted area will take over in Pemberton.

After passing that you’ll feel blessed to witness the lush scenery that will accompany you to Lillooet and Frasor Canyon. This route is worth riding on and gives you a taste of what this part of the American continent has to offer.

The Hana Highway – Hawaii

The dazzling water on one side and mountains on the other. This 60 miles route passes through Jurassic Park with around 600 bends and almost 60 small one-way bridges, sounds perfect though. This is a real paradise for motorcycle enthusiasts in search of routes off the beaten track.

Route 66 – The Mother Road

Exactly, the mother of all motorcycle riding roads. The Mother Road is almost 4000km long and travels from Chicago to Los Angeles, crossing through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Passenger on the back of motorcycle in mountainous pass

Needles Highway, Black Hills – South Dakota

An amazing motorcycle riding road, seems as if it was specifically made for motorcycles. However, this route directly takes you to the journey of one of the famous rallies and lands you at the Sturgis.

On your journey to Sturgis, you’ll be accompanied by many beautiful scenic views, granite wall tunnels, and buffalo grazing in the pastures. Make sure to ride with prudence, though you’ll spot numerous wild small animals going about their day.

So, don’t forget to wear your motorcycle riding gear to overcome any unfortunate incidents.

Beartooth Pass – Wyoming

A roller-coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs makes this itinerary an exciting and adventurous ride. Dense forests, incredible mountains, rivers, snow, tundras are some of the traits this road offers you to make your ride memorable. However, if you find yourself in the vicinity, add this pass to your itinerary.

Pacific Coast Highway – California

This 320km route travels from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco. For some appropriate reason, this is one of those stellar routes that should be on a rider’s list. Beaches, cliffs of Big Sur, forests of redwoods, the capital of surfing in Santa Cruz, Monterey, and finishing up on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Great River Road (Highway 61)

This 2552-mile highway starts in Itasca State Park in Minnesota and ends in Jackson in Louisiana. The route (GRR 61) was established in 1938 and is still regarded as one of the most scenic stretches of road for motorcyclists.

It passes through ten states that border the Mississippi River, beginning in Louisiana Cajun Country and passing through marshland, dense woods, and rocky areas without ever approaching built-up industrial zones.

Autumn trees motorcycle road

Final Thoughts on the Perfect Motorcycle Ride Itinerary

No matter what American road you choose to ride, the perfect itinerary is at your fingertips. Make sure that you plan your trip well ahead of time so that you have the freedom to explore unexpected sites and locations along the way.

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