Everything You Need to Know Before Booking a Charter Flight


If you are booking a charter flight for the first time, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. This is necessary because it will book the safest and the most well-maintained aircraft for your travel.

Let us now look at the basic yet pertinent things you need to know before you Book Charter Flight with a service provider.

Understand the pricing

One may think that flying on a private charter plane is an expensive thing. However, knowing what the price entails helps you understand that you are getting your money’s worth. Price that you eventually pay will depend on numerous factors such as type of aircraft, the distance of your trip, whether it is a one-way flight or a round trip, the geographic location of your destination etc.

Safety standards followed by different flights

The flight that you eventually choose will have their own respective safety standards. Since the rules of civil aviation vary from country to country, there are some that remain standard. For instance, commercial flights that carry more than 20 passengers are subjected to the stringiest rules. At the same time, private flights that have no commercial application are not as strict.

Start and end of your trip

Not many people know this but flying in and out of smaller airports can have a huge impact on your price. Private aircrafts have access to more than 5,000 airports. By telling your private jet charter company or broker where you want to leave from and where you want to end up, they will be able to suggest alternatives that can save you hours of travel time.

How many passengers will be on board?

If you want to book the most economical option, then you need to check out the aircraft that not only fits your needs your needs but also capable of accommodating the number of children, pets, luggage etc. The number of seats as well as weight, wind, and weather will influence the type of private jet suited to your flight.

Travel dates and time

When you fly on a private charter jet, you are able to choose the date and time when you want to travel. However, this flexibility comes at a cost! However, if you are flexible to leave within a span of days, then let the provider know about it. This will help them look for money-saving options. At the same time, you also have to be open to the possibility of last minute cancellations. But this flexibility can save you up to 50% of the total cost if you are able to get an empty leg flights. These flights are often available at big discounts.

Flexible rescheduling

As is with commercial airlines, when you are chartering a private jet, your contract can define the reschedule or cancellation terms. Based on your requirement, your broker can come back with several quotes as per your request. However, it is important to note that each quote may have different cancellation terms, including no change or refund. When booking ad hoc charters, it is necessary to review the terms of your quote.

Extras you want

If you want specific type of catering other than the packaged foods, then you must tell that to your broker or service provider. They can provide you with a menu that you can use to pre-order the flight refreshments. Additionally, you can also request for Wi-Fi if you are planning to work on your flight. Not all private jets offer connectivity and the ones that do have that facility do not usually turn it on for charter flight passengers.

Most importantly, don’t forget to enquire about ground transportation. At smaller airports, you may not be able to find taxis and ride sharing unless booked in advance. So, in case your provider didn’t ask about ground transportation, you must proactively ask about it.

Specify the kind of experience you want

It is not always possible to get the experience you were expecting from a private jet flying. While they are certainly luxurious, these small jets are not tall enough to allow too much walking space. So, if you are looking for complete luxury along with a large cabin, then specify the minimum cabin height to your service provider.

Flight cancellation by an operator

If for some reason, your charter operator decides to cancel the flight, then you are eligible to get the full refund. The replacement option may be more expensive and also come to you at the last minute. Therefore, you must be mindful of this possible aberration too.

These are some basic things that you need to keep in mind if you want to book a private charter jet!

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