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Bellingham, WA, is a beautifully scenic part of the United States that offers history, culture, and the great outdoors. There are plenty of fun things to do in Bellingham, so it’s not always easy to see it all.

With this comprehensive list of the eight best activities in Bellingham, you will never lose interest in this unique city. From outdoor seekers to food lovers, this list offers something for everyone with critical insights into Bellingham, Washington’s points of interest.

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The 8 Best Bellingham Things to Do

This breathtaking city along the coast of Washington and bordering Canada is a winter wonderland that offers more than just snow. With several fantastic national parks and historical sights to make your eyes water, it’s a no-brainer that you have to visit Bellingham.

1. Mt. Baker Ski Area

Lake side view of Mount Baker Ski ResortMt. Baker Ski Area is just 50 miles east of Bellingham’s downtown district and is one of the top-rated ski resorts in Washington. With more than 1,000 acres of land to explore, there are plenty of slopes to enjoy for novice and experienced skiers alike. This resort also offers several prestigious events, such as the Mt. Baker Film Festival and the Banked Slalom race.

Tip: Before getting into the resort, treat yourself to a delicious breakfast at the famous Wake N’ Bakery.  

2. Whatcom Falls Park

Whatcom Falls ParkThis natural gem draws in tourists from around the world. With an abundance of parks in Bellingham, WA, it will never lose its charm. But Whatcom Falls Park is a must-see when in town.

Whatcom Falls Park is the ideal destination for a family day out. You can enjoy the picturesque moss-covered bridge that frames a waterfall and excellent hiking trails across the park. The park is dog friendly and requires no passes upon entry.

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3. SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention

Those looking for a bit of history and a wealth of knowledge should visit the SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention. With plenty of interactive exhibits and unique electromagnetic apparatus, this is the perfect place to visit on a cold and rainy day in Bellingham.

The museum also offers guided tours for those looking to enjoy the whole experience and get a souvenir to remember your mesmerizing time learning about all things electric.

Tip: After your visit, go to Bayou on Bay for a wholesome Cajun-style meal to experience authentic Washington food.

4. Fairhaven Historic District

Fairhaven Historic DistrictThose who love history and want to experience Bellingham’s culture will love a visit to the Fairhaven Historic District. Being on the National Register of Historic Places, this small town offers a unique experience. With quaint Victorian Architecture, this small village also offers visitors modern luxuries like the Skylark’s Hidden Café.

Tip: Follow the South Bay Trail for breathtaking lakeside views and a fantastic walk through the district.

5. Whatcom Museum

The Whatcom Museum is in the Art District of Bellingham city and has over 200,000 artefacts. With such an array of art, historical archives, and cultural artefacts, it’s no wonder this fantastic museum made it onto this list.

There is plenty for you to do with several workshops, lectures, and interactive activities at the museum. The museum is spread across three buildings, emphasizing how unique an experience it is to visit Bellingham.

Tip: The museum hosts several exhibitions on Native Northwest Histories for those interested in learning about other cultures.

6. Chuckanut Drive

View of Teddy Bear Cove along Chuckanut Drive A leisurely trip along Chuckanut Drive offers one of the best things to see in Bellingham. The breathtaking sunsets and pristine winding road through the Chuckanut forest region make this drive one of the best in America.

In terms of sightseeing in Bellingham, Chuckanut Drive is a picturesque journey between Whatcom and Bellingham that you can’t miss. This is a beautiful 21 mile long drive that will take 4 hours if you want to take in all the scenery on show.

Tip: The best time for a trip on Chuckanut Drive is in summer between 18:00 and 21:00 as there is less chance of rain and when you’ll witness beautiful sunsets.

7. Bellingham Farmers Market

Woman working at Bellingham Farmers MarketLooking for a more down-to-earth experience that the whole family can enjoy? Look no further than the Bellingham Farmers Market. From delicious local food to in-person art classes, this farmer’s market has a bit of everything.

The market is open every Saturday from April to December, and every third Saturday from January to May. Still, no matter when you go, it is one of the nicest things to do in Bellingham, Washington.

Tip: Join Demo Days to learn more about seasonal produce and how best to use what you buy at the market.

8. Big Rock Garden

In Bellingham’s Silver Beach district you’ll find a truly breathtaking park known as Big Rock Garden. It is a sculpture park and home to over 400 azalea and rhododendron species, making it one of the best activities in Bellingham for nature lovers who also enjoy the arts.

Big Rock Garden is a hidden gem in Bellingham with all sorts of sculptures, from minimalism to storytelling pieces.

Tip: The Whatcom Parks and Recreation Foundation regularly hosts guided tours through the park so you can learn all about the sculptures and the artists.

Final Thoughts on What to do in Bellingham, WA

When visiting Washington state, deciding what to do in Bellingham can be overwhelming. From the breathtaking Mt. Baker to the historic Whatcom Museum, there are plenty of unique things to do in Bellingham.

There are numerous national parks in this area and nature enthusiasts will fall in love with this extraordinary city. With so much on offer in Bellingham, sightseeing is fun for the whole family. So, as you meander your way down Chuckanut Drive toward Bellingham, don’t forget to add these activities to your to-do list.

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