Your Guide to Finding the Best Accommodation in East Asia (Despite the Pandemic)


From the bustling urban streets of Hong Kong to the honey-hued beaches and historic temples of Vietnam, East Asia is an expansive destination every globetrotter should experience at least once in a lifetime. Across the sprawling natural wonders and the urban gems of different lands and cultures, you might find it difficult to experience everything that the region has to offer, but don’t worry, there’s nothing you won’t be able to achieve without some research and preparation.

Of course, one of the most important considerations when planning your East Asian escapade should be to find the perfect accommodation that encompasses the local culture, adheres to COVID prevention guidelines, and ensures your safety at all times. That’s why today we are taking a look at the top tips for finding the best accommodation in East Asia so that you can enjoy your adventure the local way. Here’s what you need to know.

To book or not to book in advance

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many uncertainties to the travel and hospitality industries, particularly when it comes to international travel and long-term stay. Some countries around the world are under a complete lockdown, while others allow international travelers to visit while having to adhere to more or less stringent rules. Needless to say, this is a problem when you’re just about to book your stay but you’re uncertain if the borders are going to close or if the local rules are going to change.

This is why you need to monitor the COVID trends in that region as well as your state, so that you can gauge whether or not you will be able to travel. As far as accommodation goes, if you’re going to book well in advance, then you need to take a closer look at the stay’s cancelation policy and make sure that you will get a full refund in case you’re prohibited from entering the country due to the pandemic.

Scrutinize online listings mercilessly

Many listings for accommodation across Asia are true to the pictures and descriptions you see on booking websites and accommodation-sharing platforms, but you need to keep in mind that many are not what they seem. Be very careful when choosing your accommodation and make sure to explore various options before picking your stay. You should filter your search according to your interests and type of trip, the amenities and perks in your stay, the type of dwelling, and of course, the various costs and charges that may apply.

Consider the fact that big hotel chains are just a part of a grand network of stays, and that account for a fraction of your accommodation possibilities. In your search, you should read the fine print for every accommodation carefully, check if the stay is fit for coronavirus travelling, and explore more popular stays like serviced apartments and modern shared spaces.

Choose serviced apartments for convenience

In East Asia and particularly those bustling urban gems like Hong Kong where a one-week stay can make you break the bank, it is imperative to search for stays that are affordable yet provide you with everything you need to feel right at home. Among the most popular are fully equipped apartments for rent in Hong Kong that rose to popularity in recent years because of their functionality and the perks that come with them. The serviced apartment is exactly what you think it is – a modern, simple dwelling with various perks and amenities that are included in the price. Your private stay can be a studio in the center of Hong Kong or an apartment, and you would share other spaces like the kitchen and the entertainment areas, while enjoying the added benefits of regular linen changes and cleaning, and more. So, if you’re traveling to high-cost regions like Hong Kong, be sure to look for this type of affordable accommodation.

Read up on the reviews and testimonials

Of course, don’t just trust the things you read on official online listings – take a closer look at what the previous guests had to say about their experience. Make sure to find honest reviews online and check if the stay fits your type of trip. For example, if you’re looking for a honeymoon destination, then be sure to find the stays you’re interested on review sites where real honeymooners have left their reviews and testimonials.

Look for safe neighborhoods

Last but not least, in your search for the best accommodation in East Asia you mustn’t neglect the safety factor. Finding the safest stays and neighborhoods is especially important if you’re a solo female traveler, because there are many potential dangers lurking in various unfamiliar parts of those bustling cities. While some cities are safer than others, always remember to check the local crime reports and police records to make sure that the neighborhood you’re staying at is safe.

Wrapping up

Traveling to East Asia can be one of those adventures of a lifetime, but you need to prepare well in advance. One of the most important considerations is where you’re going to stay, so be sure to use this guide to book yourself the best accommodation at every destination you plan to visit.

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