White Cliffs of Dover | Your Guide to Visiting the Pride of Britain


Through braving the stormy weather at sea to see the white beacon of hope emerge from the hazy mist, the White Cliffs of Dover is an immortalised symbol of hope. Much like the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs, this terrain is a unique natural occurrence to witness.

This stunning phenomenon in Dover is a monumental network of cliffs featured in an abundance of merry songs and literary work for its historical significance.

Unsure how to tread their picturesque plains in style? Pack lightly as we guide you through this iconic site and provide tips and tricks to ensure your trip to this seemingly sugar-dusted structure is an experience you’ll never forget.

Where Are the White Cliffs of Dover?

Situated on the coastline in Kent, these cliffs in Dover form part of the natural beauty this region is known for.

While the town of Dover itself is not known as a popular tourist destination, the attractions and sights around it are worth the visit. Other must-see places in this coastal hub include the dazzling Dover Castle with secret war-time tunnels situated beneath the historical fortress.

History of the White Cliffs of Dover

top view of White Cliffs of Dover

A structure of sharp ridges teetering on the very edge of England, the White Cliffs of Dover (a National Trust owned space) has held symbolic and historical significance in Britain.

By acting as a naturally formed welcoming and departure sign for soldiers off to war, this wall of white is woven into the national conscious of troubling and liberating times. This enormous structure, around 110 m tall, is also known to be a barrier and frontline to protect the inner regions from an unexpected attack from foreign invaders.

The geological significance of this dusty cliff construction is also an important example of how chalk structures can formulate over millions of years. The white cliffs in Dover are made from the sunken carcasses of marine creatures, transforming into sediment that became exposed over time.

The Soul of Kent – White Cliffs of Dover Things to Do

sea view from White Cliffs of Dover

While it might seem like this giant stoic formation is a one-stop kind of attraction, there are plenty of things to do that will quickly fill up your day with exciting activities. Take a look at the shining jewels on and around these remarkable cliffs to experience a seaside escape like no other:

Visit the South Foreland Lighthouse

South Foreland Lighthouse view

This light-filled wonder is an excellent addition to the cliffs of Dover’s nautical charm. A stunning structure that guided ships home, the South Foreland Lighthouse was decommissioned in 1988 and reopened in the 1990s to the public.

From kite flying to picnic spots with a glorious view, the surrounding area of this maritime marvel is the perfect family day outing that is fun for the whole clan.

If you fancy a delightful afternoon tea experience, the Mrs Knotts tearoom within the lighthouse will have you nibbling on delectable scones in a sublime seaside setting. This enchanting venue is the place to be, from finely crafted teapots to the sound of waves crashing while enjoying a warm cuppa.

Walk Along the Cliffs

coast path sign in White Cliffs of Dover

With wonderful winding paths leading to the cliffs, nothing beats treading this historic terrain while absorbing its panoramic views of the English Channel.

Whether you’re walking your curious pup or strolling these chalky trails alone, you’ll have a blast discovering the nooks and crannies of these paths. From wildflower spotting to watching grazing Exmoor ponies trot by, the White Cliffs of Dover walks are the ultimate way to experience the beauty of nature at its finest.

Relax at the Beach in St. Margaret’s Bay

A stunning shingle beach near White Cliffs of Dover, this space is a great way to experience a smile-inducing beach day with a twist.

Whether you’re planning to watch the ferries float by or heading for a scoop of ice cream or two, this scenic gem is a pleasant retreat from the bustling buzz of city life. You’ll also find this shore has the closest distance to France, so if you’re an up-and-coming cross-channel swimmer, you’ll have the perfect place to embark on an epic aquatic journey.

Enjoy a Pint at the Coastguard Pub

Coastguard Pub exterior view

Located beneath the White Cliffs of Dover at St Margaret’s Bay, this oceanfront booze-filled burrow is a great way to experience an authentic English pub experience.

This space is known for being the closest pub in England to France and has a real je ne sais quoi for serving up hearty food and warm smiles. From the stellar ocean views to the simple pleasures of beer-battered fish and chips, the Coastguard Pub is the place to be to experience the down-to-earth character of Kent’s whimsical ways.

Dover White Cliffs – Things to Know Before Visiting

pony resting his head on a path sign

While these cliffs are a fantastic sight to behold, these plains can be tricky to master without the proper guidance. Here are some pointers to keep in mind when you’re travelling to these peaky plains:

  • The cliffs are a relatively easy and beautiful trek, but these paths have an incline that might see you work up a sweat to reach the top. Thus, it’s essential to have a proper pair of walking shoes to master these rocky walkable roads with ease.
  • While this terrain is dog-friendly, be sure to keep your furry friend on a lead to ensure your pet doesn’t sustain an injury, such as wandering into the unfenced section.
  • The White Cliffs of Dover parking is situated on-site and has accessible parking spaces, but you will be charged an additional fee.
  • The weather in this region is notoriously fickle, so be sure to bring a rain jacket to avoid any unwanted drenches and high winds.

Final Thoughts on the White Cliffs Experience in Dover

view of the sea from the White cliffs of Dover

From serene seaside strolls to spectacular views of the enchanting English Channel, a visit to these chalk-covered cliffs is filled with beautiful sights and activities to discover.

Whether you’re walking through its rugged paths or trying to get that perfect seaside shot of a lone lighthouse on a cliff, this space will entrance you with its captivating crevasses.

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