Different types of Holidays, Vacations and Travel


Travel options are endless in today’s globalised world. With a vast network of flights connecting almost every corner of the globe, hundreds of tour booking sites you are free to explore with relative ease. Although this provides travelers with great freedom, it also makes choosing a travel destination more difficult.

From the tropical beaches of Costa Rica, to a cultural experience in Barcelona, safari in the untouched Zimbabwean savannah, or music festival in Budapest. Your options are truly endless, but do not feel overwhelmed, we are here to guide you.

Besides deciding where to travel, you also need to determine what type of trip is best for you. Do you want to book a pre-arranged trip, or plan it yourself? Do you want to continually move from place to place, or would you prefer settling down and getting to know a single area?

Coach Tours

Coach tours are pre planned vacations that take a large group of travelers through multiple cities or countries in a short space of. These tours are perfect for travelers looking to soak up as much as possible during their vacation.

Furthermore, they require minimal planning and preparation. Almost everything is pre-booked as part of your package, and knowledgeable guides are always on hand to help you when necessary.

These tours are most suited to Europe because its many small countries and closely congregate cities make for easy, short-distance traveling. This makes it possible for coach tour operators, such as Expat Explore, to provide 12 day Europe trip packages that take travelers through 8 Europen countries.

African Safari

Moving away from ancient cities, Southern Africa is one of the world’s premiere safari destinations. Boasting untouched natural beauty, the savannah is a captivating, but peaceful place.

The vast endlessness of Africa’s plains are incredibly calming, especially at dusk. However, as the great African sun sinks below the horizon, everything changes. Hunting begins as the light fades, bringing with it a desperate fight for survival.

Although the Kruger National Park is South Africa’s biggest game reserve, we suggest looking into a luxury safari lodge such as Matetsi Victoria Falls. More exclusive options such as this allow for the best game viewing experience – away from the crowds, and with the most capable, informative, and most charismatic safari guides.

Beach holiday

Picture yourself horizontal, the sun’s warm glow and waves’ crashing sounds complimenting your pina-colada perfectly. If that sounds like the perfect getaway to you, then head to the beach.

Southeast Asia is one of the more popular beach holiday destinations. Its tropical climate, white beaches, warm and clear ocean, and tasty local cuisine working together to create the perfect beach holiday package. On the other hand, a tour to Cape Town would also make for an idyllic beach holiday, with the only drawback being the icy ocean.


Music Festival

Inspired by the legendary Woodstock festival in 1969, festivals remain the best way to party. These outdoor events bring nature, music, art, and people together in a celebration of life.

Just a few hours out of town and you are able to enter a fantastically decorated parallel universe. Set up your tent before escaping all resemblance of your everyday life in a crazy weekend of music and dance.

While your bigger Electronic music festivals such as Szigets seem to be the most popular, many artistically-centered events such as AfrikaBurn offer something different.


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