What to Expect When Travelling to Orlando Post COVID-19


For travelers, the emergence from the Coronavirus Pandemic from Orlando International Airport begins with mandatory face masks, badges for ticket agents, fewer airlines & travel destinations, & half the usual number of passengers at the airport. In accordance with CDC guidelines, Orlando theme parks have improved hygiene practices and implemented more screening and distance measures.

The Theme Parks pre-show audience hall and other areas where guests gather in large groups are likely to be excluded for now. Some parks have also halted parades, indoor shows, & other attractions that require many guests.

Capacity and Physical distance measures

At Orlando’s amusement park, non-contact hand sanitizing stations are located at the entrances and exits of all tourist attractions, as well as high-traffic areas. Officials are looking for ways to disinfect vehicles quickly but completely among a group of guests who get off and get on to the next group. In Disney parks, guests and players tend to wear clothes.

Disney parks are also looking for ways to minimize queues, such as: B. virtual queues for multiple attractions and the expansion of the existing mobile ordering feature for restaurants. Cleaning and disinfection

Prevention and screening support

In a recent survey conducted by Universal Orlando, annual cardholders were asked to rate their comfort level based on temperature testing and contact tracking using cell phone GPS data to determine possible exposure. The survey also found that a COVID-19 rapid test may be available at the entrance to the amusement park.

Public surfaces are removed more frequently and multiple surfaces are treated with antibacterial and antiviral chemicals. Some airlines have tried using this chemical, which can last for several weeks, while  Orlando hotels and amusement parks have also been investigated. This treatment is often used on public surfaces such as airplane seats, town vehicles, and hotel furniture.

Employee training

Actors at Disney Park in the United States will receive new training focused on health and safety. However, the cast members commented that the official reopening training had not yet taken place.

What’s Open?

While certain activities are open, others are not. Here’s what to expect when you visit Orlando.

Are Downtown Disney and Disney Springs open?

Disney Springs was partially reopened on May 20. The Walt Disney World Resort previously announced plans for a gradual reopening: “The government and health officials have announced that a small number of third-party shopping and dining experiences will begin opening early.” This means that Disney stores the springs owned by the Walt Disney Company (such as World of Disney Stores, Disney Pin Traders and Mickey’s Pantry) remain closed during the first phase of the reopening. The Disney store reopened on May 27.

Are Walt Disney World and Disneyland open?

Magic Kingdom & Disney’s Animal Kingdom reopened on July 11, Epcot and Disney Studios in Hollywood will follow on July 15. There’s no opening date yet for the Hurricane Lagoon and Blizzard Beach Water Park at Walt Disney World. Pending government approval, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure will reopen in Anaheim, California on July 17.

Are Universal Orlando and Universal Studios open?

Yes, Universal Studios and Universal Orlando theme park reopened on June 5 with a series of changes, including:

  • Floor marks indicating a proper distance of six feet
  • The “virtual line experience” was improved to reduce the number of people queuing in physical proximity.
  • Limited capacity
  • Temperature controls and coatings mandatory for all visitors and team members.
  • Transfer of parking lots in the park structure to promote social distance.
  • Send the disinfection station that guests must use before entering the vehicle.
  • Support for cashless payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Universal Orlando does not require advance reservations like Disneyland, but Florida theme parks have warned that guests may be denied entry if the theme park’s limited capacity is reached.

At the time of publication, an opening date for Universal Studios in California has not been announced.

What does this closing mean for annual passholders?

Each park complex treats annual tickets differently. Disney has introduced two options for those who make monthly AP payments: suspend payments while the park is closing and expire the pass, or defer payment until the park reopens and receive a valid pass for the same period in which the park is closed. Passport holders who have paid in full can renew their passport for the same number of days that the park is closed. Universal Studios does the same for those who have a membership card or annual subscription.

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