The Very Best Travel Deals: Black Friday 2024


The ultimate shopping experience is just around the corner, containing all the best Black Friday sales and deals. For those of us who’ve caught the travel bug, that’s the only thing we’re thinking about this Black Friday.

If you’re looking to get travel deals this November, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of the very best of the Black Friday 2019 travel deals.

Black Friday Travel Packages

When it comes to the ultimate Black Friday travel specials for 2019, then travel packages are the way to go. These all-inclusive deals allow you to save the most money, while also saving you time, and taking the hassle out of planning your trip.

For anyone looking to get away with their loved ones, I Go Travel is having a 40%-off sale this coming Black Friday. Whether you’re looking for all-inclusive holidays, beach holidays or city breaks, they have a special deal with your name on it.

Computravel is also providing discounts on their tour packages. Explore the spiritual hotspots in India, or lounge on the white-sand beaches of Mauritius, it’s all up to you.

Top Black Friday Flight Deals

Flights are usually one of the most expensive parts of a holiday. Save money by finding the best Black Friday airline deals this year.

Domestic Flights South Africa is bringing travellers some of the very best flight specials of the year. They’ve even got you covered with hotel and car rentals, making the site a great platform for setting up your next adventure.

Book Cheap Flights is also bringing massive savings this Black Friday. You can even sign up to their newsletter to be notified as soon as these exclusive offers become available. If you already have a destination in mind, you can search their Black Friday flight deals before the 29th of November, and go back to book the flight on the day.

Finder is also offering great savings this November. They offer a one-stop solution for all your travel needs, so they’re a great website to visit on Black Friday. Find all the best deals in one place, from flights and car rental to tours and accommodation, they’re making life all the more convenient.

Unbeatable Hotel Black Friday Deals

Staying at the right hotel during your travels can make or break your travel experience. Why not upgrade to luxury accommodation during your next vacation?

Expedia is offering discounts on hotels that you can take advantage of on Black Friday, or on Cyber Monday. This gives you a little more time to decide on your destination, and choose exactly what you’d like to do there, before making your booking.

To make the most of this offer, download the Expedia app. This amazing app allows you to have access to the discounted rates, even if the site is flooded with traffic.

Skyscanner helps you find the best deals on hotels and accommodation on Black Friday. They specialise in finding deals in the U.S and abroad. So, no matter where you want to travel to, they’re sure to have a corresponding deal.

They also recommend you download the app, just to be sure you have full access to all the best Black Friday hotel sales.

Best Black Friday Resort Deals

Resorts are the ideal places to live your best life while on vacation. Be sure to catch some of the hottest resort deals on Black Friday 2019.

Sunwing is offering fantastic deals on some of the most luxurious resorts around. If you’re ready to live in the lap of luxury for almost half the price, then don’t miss this epic sale. Spend your holiday on a secluded resort island, or in an urban resort filled with first-class luxuries.

Vacation Counts are also offering great resort deals and other vacation packages. Whether you’re looking for all-inclusive deals or just a discounted resort holiday, they have a great deal waiting for you.

Amazing Black Friday Cruise Deals

If your idea of fun is sailing the high seas in a luxury cruise liner, then you’ll need to get booking the best cruises for the year ahead.

Royal Caribbean is offering some great deals on some of their best cruises. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to browse these options before the 29th of November 2019. This means you’ll have to be ready and waiting, with your finger on the buzzer when Black Friday rolls around.

Celebrity Cruises is also offering discounts on a wide selection of their cruises. A big plus is that you can peruse these options before Black Friday to see if they have a great deal that suits your needs. Whether you want to cruise the Caribbean or sail from Los Angeles to Chile, this site has a lot of great Black Friday cruises to choose from.

Black Friday Shopping Tips and Tricks

In order to make the best online purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2019, you’ll need to follow a few guidelines to avoid any major hiccups along the way.

  • Set up all your online accounts before the day – As site traffic builds up, websites tend to slow down. Ideally, you want to be on and off the site as quickly as possible. Setting up your user accounts in advance will allow you to log in, grab the deal you’ve had your eye on, and leave without a hassle.
  • Shop around beforehand – Decide which deals you’ll be buying before Black Friday. This makes your shopping experience much quicker and easier on the day.
  • Beware of phishing scams – Don’t share unnecessary information, on any day, but particularly not on Black Friday. This is a time when cybercriminals are trying really hard to make the most of the online shopping frenzy. As a rule, especially avoid websites with ‘http’ instead of ‘https’ in the forefront of their URLs.

Final Thoughts on Black Friday Travel Deals 2019

There’s no doubt that if you’re looking for the best travel deals for the holidays, then Black Friday is the day to do it. Travelling can be a pricey affair, so any savings you get your hands on are a win!

Be sure to do your research before the 29th of November 2019, so you know exactly what travel package you’re going to purchase. Happy Black Friday shopping!

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