Airbnb Durham NC | Homes, Rooms and Guest Houses

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If you're planning on renting a popular Airbnb in Durham for your next visit to North Carolina, keep reading. Durham is a diamond in the rough, waiting to be unearthed! The area is well-known for its foodie culture, successful Duke University and incredible natural resources. Stays in Airbnbs typically make for a more authentic experience than hotels. So these house...

Airbnb in San Diego: 16 of the Best Homes, Apartments and Vacation Rentals

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If you’re thinking about planning a trip to San Diego in the United States, you’re in the right place. This area of California is filled with inspiring surroundings and a welcoming community, and is a cozy hub for the adventure-hungry tourist. Consisting of multiple inspiring districts, San Diego will open your eyes to new and exciting opportunities. Be sure to...

Ultimate 2 Days In Nashville | Attractions, Activities & Airbnbs

Also known as “Music City,” Nashville, Tennessee has a vibrant music scene and a history steeped in country music culture. The city is also overflowing with incredible foodie spots, buzzing nightlife joints, and fascinating cultural attractions. If you’re planning a weekend trip to Nashville, you’re in the right place. This post covers the best Airbnbs in the area, as well...

5 Steps to Prepare for an Off-Road Adventure of a Lifetime

Many people dream of just driving away into the sunset to escape into nature and leave the busy city life behind. Nature escapades are no longer popular just with the outdoorsy crowd, because the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed even the most hard-core city-dwellers into outdoor enthusiasts. This should come as no surprise, because being in lockdown for so long...

13 Best Airbnbs in Hobart | Accommodation in Tasmania, Australia 2021

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Hobart, Australia is perfect for travellers seeking a relaxing getaway in a vibrant city. It’s the capital of Tasmania and one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island. Hobart has the heart of an old beach town. Getting an Airbnb in Hobart, Tasmania offers holidaymakers a trip full of sandy toes, shopping the streets, summiting mountains, and sipping...

Best Airbnb Cardiff Wales | Top 13 Apartments & Houses in Wales

The city of Cardiff is snuggled on the coast of Southern Wales. It’s one of the youngest capital cities in Europe with many natural and cultural attractions. There's something for everyone in Cardiff. Experience the local 11th century Cardiff Castle, or the rich culture of the Wales Millennium Centre, showcasing massive bands, comedians and world-renowned theatre shows. The Cardiff Museum...

7 Best Snowboarding Resorts In The USA 2021

Winter is here and it’s finally time to get the polish up your snowboards out and get yourself the best snowboard bindings. The spectacular snow-covered terrains are an adventurous playground. Which is all the more reason to get out of the toasty warmth of the fireplace and down to the slopes. While skiing is a crowd favourite, snowboarding is as...

7 Best Castles in Colorado | Colorado Springs & More

Colorado is a popular tourist destination in the U.S, bringing droves of visitors year-round to see the impressive mountain landscapes and river canyons. What some people don’t know, however, is that Colorado is dotted with awe-inspiring castles that will make you feel like you’re living in a fantasy world. This post covers a few of Colorado’s best castles for...

12 Best Airbnbs Poland 2021 – Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow| Homes, Apartments & Studios

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Poland is rich with history and must-see attractions, like the WWII Museum in Gdansk. Those who love history should visit Europe’s top museums. Whether you’re visiting Warsaw for the modern riches of Warsaw or going to Karkow to visit Auschwitz, Poland will not disappoint. And not to mention the Poland countryside that brings upon endless beauty. This country is super...

How to Turn Your Home Into a Vacation Rental for Tourists

Many people these days are renting their vacation homes. Since these houses are often empty most of the year, this is a good way to make the most out of them and turn a nice profit. Some individuals even buy new houses, turn them into vacation rentals and let them pay for themselves, which is quite clever. If you...