Different types of Holidays, Vacations and Travel

Travel options are endless in today’s globalised world. With a vast network of flights connecting almost every corner of the globe, you are free to explore with relative ease. Although this provides travelers with...

Inspiring Destinations If You’re Blue and Don’t Know Where to Go

Feeling blue and lost? Look no further: this list gathers some of the most amazing places on earth to inspire gratitude, comfort and wonder. There’s no better pick-me-up than the breathtaking beauty and heritage...

Ways To Get Around South Africa

South Africa is an eclectic mix of culture, food, tradition, and a history full of different people coming together to form this wonderful country. Ever since the end of Apartheid, South Africa has fast...

The 10 Best Beaches in Thailand

Thailand’s a tropical paradise with breathtaking landscapes but the best vacation spots are surely the beautiful beaches. Scattered around the south of the country on the amazing islands, these waters come in 50 shades...

Ski Slope Ratings of Difficulty (Europe & Elsewhere)

Ski run ratings are used across the globe to denominate the difficulty of a particular run. Rating systems vary in different parts of the world, but they do represent the same basic idea. One thing...

Romantic Ski Resorts

Snowy landscapes tend to lead to hot baths, fireside chats and intimate dinners. Is it any wonder then that a ski break is the perfect romantic vacation? With a host of daytime slope adventures...

Best Ski Resorts in the World

When you go on holiday, there really are only two choices to make: sun or snow. Many more people around the world are deciding to take skiing holidays each year. Ski resorts offer some...

Highest Mountains in Europe

Some of the most beautiful, and tallest mountains are found in Europe. The rolling mountain ranges are usually accompanied by incredible skiing resorts. If you are a hiker or a snow sports enthusiast, these...

Things To Do In The Maldives

The Maldives is a tropical paradise that has everything: luxurious private resorts, floating chalets, glorious markets, white sandy beaches that look like they come out of the movies, and crystal clear waters teeming with...

Inexpensive Tropical Vacations

Traveling the world is one of, if not the most, exciting thing you can do. Experiencing new cultures, food, people, getting lost in ancient cities or eating some exotic food. Even though being in...

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