Top 5 Places in Kinnaur Valley, Himachal Pradesh


Blended with exuberant culture, rich history and mystic scenes, India makes an eternal impression on each tourist’s heart. There only a few nations on the entire planet are as assorted and as energetic as India. The country boasts a lot of roadways, which will make you love adventure as an enthusiastic biker.

A passionate biker, who completed his journey from bike to Himachal the passion for travel by motorbike directly through magnificent valleys, rocky trek, and entrepreneurial paths give a different experience in Himachal. He has explored some tremendous hidden wonders near Kinnaur while travelling in Himachal which have not been included in the travel book of India.

Most of the tourists visiting Himachal travel to Shimla, Kullu and Manali only. But there are many adventurers and nature lovers who like to explore the hidden charm of this hill. Next time, when you plan for a Himachal tour, make sure to add 4/5 days more to discover beautiful, charming Spiti valleys. If you are travelling on the bike, it will be fun, exciting paths here and the sights will win your heart. Surrounded by beautiful mountains all around, the Spiti Valley is famous worldwide for its occupation. These winding paths, hilly surroundings will make you crazy.

 So let us tell you about the top 5 exciting places, which are located near Kinnaur, Himachal. 

  1. Chitkul:

    Chitkul is the end of the Indian border, officially the last Indian village located before Spiti Valley begins. The place is renowned for its natural beauty and quaint architecture. Due to its beautiful surroundings and a perfect climate Chitkul, in recent times, has gained some exciting place among the tourists. You can also enjoy a visit to Sangla in Kinnaur. If you want to take part in some adventure, there is the best arrangement for exciting activity as well as to see natural sights. You can also experience hilly beauty and thrilling trekking here.

  2. Kalpa:

    Kalpa is considered to be very special for nature lovers and who want to look for solitude. This place is also known for the Tibetan monastery and beautiful temples, where you can have a unique experience of spiritual and intellectual happiness. You can enjoy a visit to the Kalpa Sthal located 5 km from Pio and amazing views of Kinnaur Kailash from here. The summer season is considered the best time to plan a trip to Kalpa, and the monsoon season should be avoided due to risky routes and slippery roads.

  3. Sarhan:

    One can enjoy a stroll around the Sarahan village. This village is known for its famous Bhimakali Mata Temple. There are many beautiful places to visit during the journey to Saharan village. This place is quite attractive, especially to those who want to glimpse the mystic hill. You must enjoy the hill beauty here.

  4. Kinner Kailash:

    Kinnaur is a very religious place where there is a 79 feet high Shivalinga, a large pillar on the rock slab which resembles the trident and changes its colour in every moment. According to a belief, Lord Shiva used to organize a meeting of deities here at Kinnar Kailash. It is the best place for Lord Shiva devotees.

An enchanting landscape view of magnificent snow-capped mountains, lush apple orchards, this trek will take you through the beautiful Sangla Valley and Hanging Valley, where nature can experience in its purest form. If you ever take up this challenge, be sure to be rewarded with beautiful narrative views of the surroundings and nature at Kinner Kailash.

  1. Rupin pass trek:

    Rupin pass is a high pass known as the traditional shepherd trail. The trek starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand to Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh and ends at Sangla village. The striking mountains and tranquil rivers make more charm to every place you visit. The entire valley has admirable attractions created surrounding Himalayan Mountains. This trek is considered to be moderately difficult to cross and depends on the condition of the weather.

All the above places are the bizarre beauty of Himachal, which will not be found in other parts of India, you must include these five places when making a trip to Himachal Pradesh.

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