Things to do in Port Elizabeth


Things to do in Port Elizabeth

We all get excited to visit friends, and it’s even better when we get a chance to visit them in another province! I was over the moon when I heard that my best friend wanted me to come stay with her for a week in the beauty of Port Elizabeth.

I took my flight from King Shaka Airport in Durban, and it took roughly an hour to arrive at H. F. Verwoerd Airport. Here I united with my other half,  and we enjoyed a milkshake together at the airport before heading off to a hotel.

During my visit, I learnt a lot about Port Elizabeth. Here is an article about all the things you can look forward to when visiting this part of South Africa.


Fun things to do


The Wreck of Sacramento

Here you can eagerly see this point of attraction and hire a tour guide on site to show you around and teach you about the Portuguese Warship. It is fun and insightful; and you should make sure to take plenty of pictures! You will get the opportunity to meet a lot of other tourists who were just as enthralled by the experience as you will be.

Nelson Mandela Stadium

Spend a good amount of time soaking up the feeling of the field and gazing at the architecture with awe! It is definitely one of the most favourite tourist attractions in Port Elizabeth. With so many incredible teams coming together in 2010, the entire place certainly keeps a lot of vibe. You can walk about and almost imagine the thousands of excited fans, as well as the anxious soccer players. Such a beautiful way to remember a mark in history for South Africa, our homeland. This famous stadium hosts many local sporting games and is a hub for all fellow sporting fans to connect and cheer on their teams.

Sardonia Bay Horse Riding

To get more active, you can take horses out to the beach with a lovely and experienced horse trainer. Your skilled instructor will guide you along the way, keeping her horses behaved. The feeling is magic, and the entire track is along the golden shores! The horses are friendly, and love to be treated with juicy apples after a long gallop. Once you arrive back, you can sit down at one of the many gorgeous picnic sites and bite into some homemade snacks, or lounge at one of the wonderful restaurants.  


Things to do at night

Cinema at Boardwalk Entertainment & Casino

Catch a new release movie at this luxurious movie cinema. Grab your popcorn and sit in a comfortable seat whilst you laugh, cry or scream! Here all the latest movies are being showed, and you can catch them in 3D. This is a fun way to spend a lazy night with loved ones that will give you an unforgettable movie experience.


Go for dinner on Stanley Street

Stanley Street has everything you could imagine for incredible dining. There are so many beautiful and funky restaurants to choose from, all offering their unique atmosphere, Muse Restaurant and Boutique Restaurant are just a few. Candlelight dinner, or cocktails and dancing; whichever way you choose to enjoy your time here, you will find it. The buildings are very historical and look Victorian, adding to a romantic experience wherever you go – and a bit of a time warp.


Romantic things to do


Kragga Kamma Game Reserve

This incredible game reserve caters for a beautiful weekend spent with your beloved. It is also famous for one of the cheetahs, which was featured in the movie Duma. You can go for mountain walks, swim in the streams, or simply wine and dine whilst overlooking a canopy of colours during sunset. The lodge itself has beautiful, comfortable and private suits so you can have peace during your visit.

Donkin Reserve

This beautiful building overlooks the city from Belmont Terrace. The Donkin Reserve has a historical Stone Pyramid monument and a lighthouse that was built back in 1861. There are fields of wildflowers that are captivating and really make the place like something out of a movie. This is a truly special place for any couple to enjoy some intimate time together whilst basking in a scenic environment.

Cape Recife Nature Reserve

This is a magnificent chunk of natural paradise for any couple to escape to. The reserve is stretched along the Port Elizabeth beachfront, and is home to vast amounts of diverse inhabitants. You can marvel at nature with your honey by your side, and see rare species of birds and insects.  You can also participate in outdoor activities together, as Cape Recife often has gorgeous events going.

Family things to do



The PE Hobie Beach Parkrun is a non – profit organised event that happens every Saturday at 8am. It is entirely run by friendly volunteers who offer to assist in getting runners registered. The Parkrun is an excellent way to spend time with family and encouraging them to get active. There are plenty of kids who join, so your little ones will have company whilst they walk with you. The run itself is 5kms, all along the Hobie Beachfront. Locals and tourists alike take part, and then treat themselves to having coffee together afterwards at one of the seaside restaurants,  like Blue Waters Cafe.

Sleepy Hollow

Take your family out for a camping weekend at this marvelous lodge. You can book a caravan or bring your own tent and set up for a memorable family getaway into nature. There are hiking trails along some of the most scenic pathways you will find in South Africa. You will see waterfalls that transfix you, ponds for your children to splash in, and fishing sites for you to laze by. There is an abundance of indigenous plant life and wild animals for you to spot during your stay. Bask in the magic of of PE’s landscapes and vegetation.

Indoor Play Areas

Coffee and Kids Company is a paradise for all parents wanting to relax and have a delicious beverage or snack whilst their children joyfully play.  There is a colourful array of safely built and secure jungle gyms for your monkey to climb, and plenty of other toys to keep them in glee and exploring. It is a stimulating indoor (or outdoor)  playtime for under 12s and a wonderful spot for families.


Live Entertainment


Valley market

This artisan food market is hosted by the historic Tramways Building. It is a wonderful space to enjoy eating mouth-watering breakfasts, shopping for organic produce, and purchasing crafts all whilst listening to live music. Bands and singers of contemporary style perform at this beautiful market once a month, on the first Saturday. Up to 2000 locals join together for this market, so you can expect a vibe of friendliness.

The Music Kitchen

A pub and restaurant with bonfires going throughout the night to keep you warm whilst you treat your ears to some talent. Local and national artists share their love of music here for all of us to enjoy. There are events promoted for most weekends, so you are sure to catch a stunning show with your friends.  


Port Elizabeth Beachfront


Boardwalk Hotel

This famous hotel is placed on the seaside of Port Elizabeth. The hotel has a 5 star rating, and also has a huge entertainment center and casino. The hotel is located along the blue-flag status Hobie Beachfront. This is the only licensed casino in the whole of PE, for friends to enjoy responsible gambling. The Boardwalk Hotel is suitable for all occasions and will cater for every need you might have to enjoy yourself!

Nelson Mandela Bay

This is where everything worth seeing and doing really happens. The Bay is covered head to toe in entertainment, dining, wildlife, tours, boating, and so much more. You will find unique and elegant hotels and resorts to book in, and plenty of holiday flats. This bay is a hub for cultural events, and really highlights a lot of our country’s own essence. Even if you need to make a business trip, this bay will most definitely have a professional conference centre for you and  your team to stay. An absolute gem of a beachfront!


All of this, and more. Now you know all about the exciting things you can plan on doing for your holiday in the splendor of Port Elizabeth !

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