Romantic Things to Do in Cape Town for Couples


Romantic Things to Do in Cape Town for Couples

The Mother City is well-known for her gorgeous sunset displays, giving just about any spot on the peninsula a romantic golden aura. Apart from these celestial displays, there are plenty of romantic places and activities to make your date night extra special. 

Whether you’re looking for adventures in Cape Town or a sweet spot to enjoy a candlelit dinner, here’s the lowdown on the most romantic things to do in Cape Town for couples. 

​​Romantic Places to Visit in Cape Town for Couples

These romantic places in Cape Town will have you swooning with delight. 


Go for a Romantic Dinner

Cape Town is full of trendy restaurants that not only boast a gorgeous ambience, but incredible food and artisanal drinks as well. 

From the city centre to the seaside, it’s not hard to find a restaurant to spend a romantic night in Cape Town. For stunning ocean views at your feet, Tobago is the place to be on a balmy evening with a glass of chilled champagne.

If trendy menus and cityscapes seen from indoors are what you crave, head for The Granary at the Silo Hotel instead for a five-star experience.   

Groot Constantia

Groot Constantia is the oldest winery in the Cape, with beautiful historic buildings, duck ponds, stately rows of oaks, and vineyards that date back to the 1800s. The atmosphere is tranquil, and on a warm day there’s nowhere better to be: it’s the perfect location for date ideas in Cape Town. 


Start off with a wine-tasting in the afternoon, followed by a stroll around the vineyards and then finish off with a romantic gourmet dinner at Simon’s.  

Table Mountain

Visiting one of the most iconic sites in Cape Town is one of the more memorable things for couples to do in Cape Town. The vistas from the sky-high cable car as it climbs toward the mountain top are phenomenal. 

Once you’re up there, share an ice cream from the kiosk as you snap some sweet selfies of special moments gazing over the peninsula below. 

Chart Farm

During spring, this charming flower orchard bursts into life. Chart Farm is one of those secret romantic spots in Cape Town that you may not consider at first. But what could be more delightful than hand-picking a bouquet of roses for your beloved? 


After exchanging posies, settle down for a coffee or enjoy a romantic horse ride with a panorama of the Constantia Hills before you. 

Boulders Beach

There’s nothing like a cuteness-overload to get you in the mood for cuddling. Taking a trip to Boulders Beach and watching the wild African penguins at a superbly close range is an amazing experience. 

There are boardwalks to stroll along so as to not disturb the natural environment on the beach. It’s not something you’d get to do ordinarily, so making a date of it and experiencing the cuteness up close with your significant other is an ideal way to spend time together. 

If you’ve been considering ​​cheap things to do in Cape Town for couples, this should be on your list because access to the area isn’t expensive at all. 


Visit the Bo-Kaap

It may seem a little touristy, but it’s the perfect spot to grab some trendy and unique pictures of you with your partner. The brightly coloured buildings are iconic, and spending some time admiring them and racking up some Instagrammable images is fun. 

It may be one of the more quirky things to do for couples in Cape Town, but you’ll have brag-worthy pictures to show your overseas friends. 

Activities in Cape Town for Couples

Try out these activities for a memorable date experience. 

Hike Up Lion’s Head

Table Mountain may hold the spotlight as far as mountain views go, but don’t underestimate the gorgeous vistas you’ll catch from Lion’s Head. 

Even though it can be a little steep at times, the trek isn’t too taxing. Also, the views at sunset and sunrise with the city spread out before you are as romantic as you can get. It’s truly one of the most beautiful things to do as a couple in Cape Town. Bringing a small picnic makes it even more enjoyable. 


The hike takes approximately two hours to get to the top and back, so you can time it accordingly. 

Go on a Helicopter Ride

If you’re looking for something unique to do, why not hop on a heli and take a tour of the city from above? It’s one of those fun things to do in Cape Town for couples who love a little adventure in their lives. 

The views are astounding, and it’s an experience that’s unforgettable. Bring your camera and capture all of those stunning moments forever. 

Get a Couples Massage

With the stress and hustle of everyday life, spending some quality time being pampered together is the ultimate luxury. 


Whether it’s at a boutique wellness centre or a luxury hotel spa, many places offer specials for couples’ massages. It’s hands-down one of the best things to do in Cape Town as a couple. 

Choose your spa for the views, the sparkling wine, the snacks, or the bargain prices. Every place has something unique to offer, so you’ll undoubtedly find somewhere that appeals to you.   

Sunset Cruise

You’ll see a bevvy of catamarans and yachts at the V&A Waterfront lined up and ready to take you on a romantic cruise to Camps Bay to watch the sunset. With champagne on hand and snacks to be had, make the most of this experience by sitting on the deck to catch the spectacular views. 

It can get chilly once the sun goes down even in summer, so bring a jacket and cuddle close together as you watch the stars begin to twinkle. 


Romantic Places in Cape Town: Conclusion

There are plenty of ways to spend some romantic one-on-one time with that special someone in your life, with the list above outlining some of the best. 

From budget-friendly options to more expensive pleasures, you can’t go wrong with any of these choices. Whether you decide to go with a classic candlelit dinner or a luxurious sunset cruise, it’s ultimately who you do it with that matters the most. 

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