Where to Go Rock Climbing in Melbourne


Whether you are a professional, a first-timer, or just an adrenaline junky. Rock climbing isn’t just about getting to the top, it teaches you perseverance and communication – plus it’s healthy. Whether you go to improve your previous time or for a fun-filled team-building activity, rock climbing is definitely an activity for everyone.

Those new to Melbourne, or visiting for a while, will soon learn that this is one of the best adrenaline rushes in The Land Down Under. The city offers both indoor and outdoor climbing walls, ranging from beginner-friendly to only-for-the-experienced.

There are so many choices when it comes down to rock climbing or bouldering in Melbourne. Here are our favorites for you to scale the wall.

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Hardrock Climbing

Located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, Hardrock Climbing offers a great experience whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a cheeky beginner. First-time climbers get taught what they need to know by friendly instructors, while the veterans have access to more than 100 routes. Walls are staggering up to 16 meters high which grades between six and 30.

Hardrock also offers youth programs for ages ranging from five to 17, facilitated by experienced coaches to teach the basics of rock climbing. The programs set goals for kids to always feel the need to improve and to measure their progress.

It’s easy to see why their slogan is ‘the ultimate rock climbing experience’.

North Walls Indoor Climbing

Located in Brunswick, North Walls Indoor Climbing is tailor-made for the season veterans and also offers programs for the youth. Their youth classes range from ages nine to 17, with an introduction to climbing and lead climbing. They are also beloved by the rock climbing community for hosting workshops on climbing techniques.

Their most esteemed feature is the weekly changing climbing routes. Adjusting the routes weekly which keeps the professionals on their toes, while the newbies take advantage of their belay training.

North Walls also offers a variety of fresh fruit drinks, so whether you go for the climb or the beverage, we’re sure you’ll have a satisfying day.

Rock Climbing

Bayside Rocks

Located about 50 km outside of Melbourne, Bayside Rocks’ name says everything about them, they are close to the bay and the rock. Their Mini Monkey classes for the under 12’s are all about fun, providing an introduction for the young ones to the sport of indoor rock climbing. The adult classes are also open to anyone, beginners, veterans, and even couples.

They boast a caving system that’s not for the faint of heart and are hosts to courses on rock climbing, bouldering, and roping. They also have workshops ranging from learning to lead the climb course to advanced lead climbing.

Since Bayside Rocks was designed by a former Australian national champion, they might already be teaching the next champion.

Gravity Worx

Gravity Worx is located in Pascoe Vale in Melbourne and boasts 50 different routes with various difficulties. They specialize in all three of the climbing disciplines which are lead, speed, and boulder. They offer classes from ages four and up, and classes for adult development.

Gravity Worx also changes their routes every week, giving climbers a new challenge since its opening in 2016.

Gravity Worx loves their speed climbing and owns the only International Federation of Sport Climbing standard speed wall in Australia. Which is the same wall that speed climber race at the Climbing World Cup. Hosting regular head-to-head knock-out competitions where the winner moves on and the loser gets eliminated.

With plans to expand even more in the future, it’s clear to see that their formula Worx.


Northside Boulders Brunswick

One of three of their franchises, Northside Boulders in Brunswick has walls of up to 4.5 meters high and angled from inclined slabs to a horizontal roof. Some call them the ‘boulderers playground’. The climb difficulty ranges but they have something for everyone, with steep climbs and some overhanging ridges, this place will definitely improve your climbing.

They aren’t just about climbing, similar to the other two, they have their very own equipment store, as well as food and drink to refuel their climbers and get them back on to scaling those walls.

There are also relaxing couches and some say the best tunes in all of the bouldering community in Melbourne. Northside Boulders universal rules should apply to all of us, Be Aware, Be Responsible but most importantly Be Awesome.

Camels Hump (Outdoors)

The only outdoor rock climbing on our list is located at Mount Macedon, 64 kilometers from Melbourne, Camels Hump is the highest peak of Mt Macedon. Rated as one of the best in the Melbourne rock climbing community. It’s a steep and solid rock but not for the faint-hearted and should be a great challenge for a veteran. It’s graded from 16 to 20 so it’s probably not the best place to take any beginners.

All of the climbs differ in distance from 20 to 30 meters. Camels Hump is a great climb during the summer as the climate is a lot cooler. But it should be avoided in winter as it’s normally shrouded in clouds making the rocks wet.

The small outcrop is not that impressive but Camels Hump is actually a remnant of one of the largest volcanoes in Earth’s history.


Melbourne might be the capital city of rock climbing gyms and hard rock climbing. Boasting so many quality rock climbing facilities but also having different communities that try to encourage people to get into the sports.

The sport has evolved so much in the past few years and Melbourne have embraced it to the fullest.

Since the sport is making a comeback in the Tokyo Olympics it’s not that hard to imagine that whether it’s bouldering, speed climbing, or lead climbing, Melburnian’s are sure to dominate.

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