Best Places to Visit in Brazil | Top Tourist Attractions


Best Places to Visit in Brazil | Top Tourist Attractions

Brazil is one of the best countries to visit in South America. Why you may ask? Naturally, one or two landmarks and pastimes come to mind, but there’s more to this lush equatorial country than you might realise. 

It’s a glorious plethora of natural and manufactured attractions, almost too many to choose from. Nonetheless, we’re here to help you figure out the best places to visit in Brazil on your next vacation.  


Famous Brazil Tourist Attractions

There are a couple of standout attractions when sightseeing in Brazil that simply can’t be bypassed when you’re in town. Here are some of the most well-known attractions that Brazil offers, and coincidentally they all happen to be in its old capital, Rio de Janeiro. 

Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is synonymous with the massive 30-metre sculpture of Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor) atop Mount Corcovado, which is possibly the most iconic of Brazil’s landmarks. 

The gentle giant with arms outstretched has been watching over the shimmering expanse of the city for almost a century while surrounded by the beautiful Tijuca National Park. 

There’s a railway that takes you to the top of the mountain, so it’ll spare you the hike up there. There’s also a pitstop halfway up, so take the opportunity to wander about the park a little and soak up the tropical views of waterfalls and vibrantly coloured birds. If you’re planning on sightseeing in Brazil, we highly recommend including this in your itinerary. 


Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

If lounging about a balmy beach, catching a tan, and drinking cocktails sound like your kind of holiday, look no further than the exquisite 4km expanse of Copacabana. 

This top tourist attraction in Brazil is a busy stretch of sand with all manner of activities adding to the atmosphere. The sounds of vendors calling out, hungry patrons buying caipirinhas from kiosks, and people playing futevôlei (a cross between football and volleyball) can be heard up and down its shores. 

Take a stroll along the famous black and white mosaiced pathway and check out the trendy shops, beautiful old buildings, and cafés along the street. Stick around until early evening to watch the sun sink below the deep blue waters of the Atlantic, then head over to the night market on weekdays for holiday bargains. 


Carnival, Rio de Janeiro

The famous Carnival in Rio is easily one of the top attractions to happen in March in Brazil  – perhaps in the world – for party people and curious onlookers alike. A veritable rainbow of bright flashing colours and whirling dancers descend upon the Sambadrome amidst a procession of incredibly detailed floats. 

The irresistible samba music will have your body moving of its own accord while your eyes are glued to the 90-minute spectacle laid out before you. But the party doesn’t end there. 

If you want a piece of the action, grab yourself a costume and get into the samba spirit at one of the many street parties that last until dawn. It’ll be a Brazilian experience you will never forget.


Exciting Things to Do in Brazil

Does the thought of tourist-packed attractions leave you feeling claustrophobic? You might be more of a connoisseur when it comes to holiday activities, so it’s worth considering these other points of interest. 

There’ll be fewer holidaymakers to contend with, plus you’ll have some unique vacation stories to recount when you get back home. Here are a couple of places and experiences that many consider a must-see in Brazil.

Iguazú Falls, Parana

If you’re wondering what to do in Brazil, then look no further than this awe-inspiring natural beauty. With 247 rainbow-shrouded waterfalls spanning almost 3km, the Iguazú Falls (also spelt “Iguaçu”) are truly a phenomenal sight to behold. 

There are various ways to encounter the falls, from helicopter rides boasting incredible views to hiking tours and boat rides that’ll offer you a closer encounter. Prefer to rather take a look by yourself? Bridges, catwalks, and towers are sprinkled throughout the area, allowing you to explore at your own pace. 

The falls are in a protected environmental park, so grab your camera and take a closer look at the forests. You might catch a glimpse of animals like capybara or deer, not to mention dozens of tropical birds. 


São Paulo, São Paulo

Sao Paulo is a regular culture hub, offering everything from works of art to the latest and greatest cuisine. 

Whether you prefer the high art of Degas and Picasso in the many distinguished museums or the feisty street art adorning buildings about town, the city is a treasure trove of visual delights. Even the gardens are aesthetically designed, so you’ll find beauty wherever you go. 

If you’re more of a foodie, hit the markets and grab some deep-fried sweet pastel or cheesy pão de queijo if your taste runs savoury. No matter how you spend your time there, a trip to Sao Paulo will have you wracking up likes on Instagram in no time. 


Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul

With mystical lakes in rocky caves and a plethora of pools and shimmering waterfalls, Bonito is one of the most beautiful places in Brazil you can visit. The gorgeous selection of natural wonders makes it a prominent spot for activities like snorkelling, swimming, and hiking. 

The Blue Lake Cave is particularly mesmerising, dripping with stalagmites reflected in the vivid blue mirror of the crystal-clear waters, and home to the fossils of sabre-tooth tigers and giant sloths. This lake is for viewing only, though, so you’ll have to seek your snorkelling adventures elsewhere. 

You can also enjoy a lofty stroll through the rainforest canopies if you have no aversion to heights and want to get more in touch with nature. 


Final Thoughts on Places to Visit in Brazil

Rich in the attributes of the rainforest and the cultural delights of South America, Brazil is sure not to disappoint. You can choose to party with the locals and explore the natural wonders to their utmost or relax on balmy beaches and maybe take in an attraction or two. Either way, you won’t regret choosing Brazil as your next vacation destination.