Iceland in February – Your Ultimate Travel Guide for 2024


Many people want to know if February is a good month to visit Iceland, and the short answer is yes. February is the perfect month for anyone wanting to join a Northern Lights tour, see Iceland’s ice caves and even soak in the natural hot springs and geothermal pools.

February is the month you will get to experience Iceland in its full Winter Wonderland glory – while still avoiding the depths of their winter. You will also get to experience the place alive with events, activities, and festivals. And of course, the exciting promise of spring will be hanging in in the air.

It would be an ideal time too for those who don’t enjoy the tourist crowds. This month is generally less busy in terms of tourism – arguably Iceland’s quietest month in fact. This ensures that your personal bubble can stay comfortably intact at the popular tourist sites, restaurants and bars.

What to do in Iceland in February

Visiting Iceland in February might surprise you, as the weather is milder than you may expect. While still considered a winter month, you may experience slightly warmer temperatures from time to time. Nothing to the degree of the summer months here, but you can expect a small sunshine relief to break the snowy days.

Its the perfect time to see the Northern Lights as well as some other attractions. And a special bonus is that you will still get to see the whole country coated in beautiful snow, like something from a fairytale.

Now that we know February is a wonderfully dynamic month when it comes to weather and what activities this allows – let’s take a look at what you can put on your Iceland itinerary.

Can you go to the Blue Lagoon in February?

Yes! This incredible natural spa, heated geothermally, is one of the most popular spots to visit in Iceland. In addition to this natural spa, you will also enjoy seeing the scorched landscape of this area.

The heated water is full of silica and minerals which provide the perfect body and mind soothing therapy, courtesy of mother nature. This is a very popular spot and is always in high demand so booking in advance is crucial.

Iceland in February: Seeing the Northern Lights

This is probably the best time to see the aurora borealis – otherwise known as the famous Northern Lights.

February is an ideal time because there is still the necessary dark skies that winter brings which is ideal for seeing the lights best. But the weather is far more forgiving than deep winter months like December, so you don’t have to suffer extreme elements to see this phenomenon.

So for those eager to see this cosmic spectacle displayed across the Icelandic skies, February is a great time to come.

More Top Things to do in Iceland in February

Other than the famous Northern Lights and popular Blue Lagoon – Iceland has many wonderful attractions and must-sees for you to explore in February. Both man-made and natural wonders – you are in for a treat during your Iceland travels.

Harpa Music hall in Reykjavik

This impressive piece of architecture is in the heart of the capital city and hosts a variety of shows and concerts.

In addition, the light display at the front of the building is simply enchanting. February, being one of the darker months, is an ideal time to catch this light show. Harpa Music Hall, lit up in all its evening glory, is the perfect place for a post-dinner stroll.

Frozen Waterfalls

One of the enchanting natural wonders that this country has – and that is unique to winter months – are the frozen waterfalls. Winter brings a special kind of enchantment to Iceland with its snowy mountains and picturesque white landscapes.

A short trip out of Reykjavik can take you to these incredible frozen displays that are simply a must-see.

Icelandic Horses – Go Horseback Riding

These furry mammals are a true Iceland specialty. This is the only kind of horse found in the country and has never interbred with other horses. Iceland has been home to these guys for hundreds of years and they are very well adapted for life and climate conditions here.

Doing a horseriding tour is a great activity to put on your itinerary and is a nice change from sightseeing. Plus, who can say no to such adorable fluffy friends!

Ice Cave Tours

These incredible ice caves are a wonder to behold and an attraction unique to winter months. It is also interesting to know, that these ice structures are constantly changing – you will never see the same ice cave twice as they collapse and form again each winter.

These crystal caves are a must-see – be sure to book your tour well in advance to secure a spot.

Temperature in Iceland in February

Winter in Iceland is generally very unpredictable and it’s therefore ideal to prepare for every circumstance. You may experience rain, snow and even sunshine – all in one day! The average temperature in Iceland in February  -3° and 3°C (26-34° Fahrenheit). And yes, this is mild for Iceland winter!

What to Wear in Iceland in February

Layering will be your best friend here. Scarves, gloves, and thermals are all essentials, along with decent waterproof and windproof coverings. And of course, don’t forget your swimwear for those hot pools!

Sturdy hiking boots are great to have – preferably shoes with a solid grip to serve you well on ice or sleet.

Basically when it comes to this unpredictable weather a good rule of thumbs is – when in doubt, pack it!

Reykjavik in February: Daylight Hours

Reykjavik’s weather in February is on the milder side, compared to places further north. And with winter winding down, the daylight hours in Iceland in February become noticeably longer.

The end of February compared to the beginning of the month increases from 7 hours of daylight a day to 10 hours by the end of February. In fact, every day of the month increases by about 6 minutes of daylight a day.

Final Words on Iceland in February

To sum up, Iceland in February is rather magical. It’s an ideal time to experience all the best aspects of Iceland in all its spectacular winter bliss. It’s a great plus that you don’t have to come in the depth of winter to experience this – what a relief.

So don’t sleep on this one – you won’t regret travelling to Iceland in February. Bring your best adventurous selves and your cameras to capture the breathtaking beauty of this special corner of the world.


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