How to Turn Your Home Into a Vacation Rental for Tourists


Many people these days are renting their vacation homes. Since these houses are often empty most of the year, this is a good way to make the most out of them and turn a nice profit. Some individuals even buy new houses, turn them into vacation rentals and let them pay for themselves, which is quite clever. If you rent your home to tourists, you will still be able to use it whenever you want. After all, you will be in charge of managing bookings so you can always block out any periods in which you wish to spend time in your vacation home. Turning your home into a haven for tourists might seem like an overwhelming job since there are lots of details to think about before you dive in. However, with these guidelines, you will be sure that you didn’t forget to take important things into consideration before making any decisions.

Minimize property damage

If you are concerned that tourists might destroy your dream vacation home, keep in mind that there are several ways to minimize this risk. First of all, you can direct your marketing campaign only towards specific demographics of potential guests. This way, for example, you can avoid having your home destroyed by students who love to throw wild parties. You can also get vacation rental insurance, or even take a damage deposit so you are covered in case something gets broken. In addition, avoid keeping any family heirlooms in your vacation homes, since they cannot be replaced and you will be heartbroken if something happens to them. That expensive vase your grandma gave to you would be better off in your house.

Upgrade and clean

Tourists want to spend time in a house that is clean and has everything they need for a comfortable vacation, so even if your vacation house is in a good shape, consider splashing a new coat of paint, buying a new mattress (because no one wants to sleep on a dented, dirty one) and maybe even upgrading your appliances. If you want to ensure a higher price, you can renovate your kitchen, install climate control, redo the bathrooms, or decorate with paintings, cushions, candles, vases, or interesting wall pieces you can shop at Skull Bliss. While these things can be expensive, soon you will be able to harvest the fruits of your labor.  Apart from renovating your home, you should deep clean it. Tourists want to sleep in clean sheets and not worry about the mold in the shower. Therefore, make sure your vacation home is spotless before you give the keys to renters.

Research the prices in your area

Renting your vacation home might seem like easy money, but don’t get greedy. Although you might want to rent your home for thousands of dollars, you should keep two things in mind – the location and the competition. To determine the most competitive price you should do the research and see how much your neighbors charge for rent. Even then put the exterior and interior of your house and their house into consideration. Naturally, a villa with a large pool and a cozy place cannot go for the same price.

Appeal to different renters

If you want to have a busy season, you should create a vacation home that attracts different types of renters. It needs to be suitable not just for students, or couples, but for large families and seniors as well. Therefore, make sure you have plenty of couches that fold out into a sleeper or add bunk beds to one room. If you have a large home, consider creating two master bedrooms, in case two families want to share a house.

Leave instructions

When people are on a vacation, they like to clear their heads and not overthink things. This is why you should print out a set of rules for the house, especially if you have a swimming pool or a gas grill.

Renting your vacation home is a big job and comes with a lot of responsibilities, but with some careful planning, you can ensure that both you and your renters are happy with the outcome.

Matt Davison
Matt has done marketing for travel and tourism for over a decade. His first love is SEO, with entrepreneurship hotter on its heels than a girlfriend. When he is not looking up flights back to his next destination, you can find him in the garden, making excuses to walk Rusty, strategizing with the team and tinkering on sites until the early morning.