Hiking Brisbane | Best Routes & Trails in & Around the City


Every now and then that wanderlust feeling kicks in and you experience the urge to head into nature and explore new sights and sounds. Escape the reality of the concrete jungle and head to one of the many hiking trails and enjoy some of the best hikes in Brisbane.

Exploring these areas is one of the best things to do for free in Brisbane if you are looking to fulfil the need to explore but don’t quite have the budget to travel.

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Hikes Around Brisbane

If you don’t want to wander too far from home and feel like your inner Bear Grylls isn’t quite up to the challenge, then hiking around Brisbane is the way to go. These hiking tails are more leisure than adventure but still providing beautiful walks in nature.

Below are some of the best hiking trails in Brisbane for the city dweller who just needs a moment away from the chaos.

Brisbane Forest

Nestled on the Western outskirts of the city, Brisbane forest is one of the great walks to do. It also happens to be a part of the much larger D’Aguilar National Park. This 5 kilometer route is best taken as a casual pace to take in all the sights. It will take an average of around 90 minutes.

For the birdwatchers and photographers, this hike is ideal for long breaks trying to get the perfect photo of the various bird species that live in the forest. Picnic facilities are also available but unfortunately no dogs are allowed so your best friend will have to stay at home.

Gold Creek Reservoir

Located at the edge of Brisbane forest, the Gold Creek reservoir is a hike for those wanting a touch more difficulty. Roughly 5.5 kilometres long, this moderate trail is perfect for the casual hiker wanting a bit more of a challenge or those wanting to dip their toes into trail running.

The trail is a large loop that starts and ends at the dam with the windy trail taking you around the entire reservoir. Counter-clockwise is the best way to tackle this route so you can walk down the step section at the end making it easier, just be careful of loose soil and rocks.

Springwood Conservation Park

Located in the middle of Springwood neighbourhood is one of the must-do Brisbane hikes. A former quarry site that was saved by the community from development has now become somewhat of an oasis in the heart of suburbia.

There are two different trails, the lookout track that is only 570m long or the longer gorge discovery circuit which is 1.45 kilometres long. This longer track is home to what the locals call “the stairs of death”, a set of incredibly steep stairs that take you up above a gorge. There are also various wooden bridges that crisscross the gorge, but it’s not for the faint of heart or those uncomfortable with heights.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes open for any koalas.

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Bush Walks Brisbane

What is one of the first things that come to mind when you think about Australia? If you’re like most people it was probably the outback or as the Aussie’s call it, the bush. Ever thought of hiking through it though? Well, if you’re willing to venture into the unknown on a bushwalk, some spectacular uncrowded views await.

Northbrook Gorge

If you’re looking for a trail away from the crowds then this is for you.

The reward that awaits at the end is worth the effort as you relax in the various rock pools while taking in the breath-taking scenery that is on offer.

There are two routes to the gorge, the quick way or the long way. The quick way takes about 30 minutes to get to the first gorge section and can take up to 2 hours to enjoy all the gorges with a little swimming in between.

The long way is recommended for experienced hikers only as it also has no cell service, is unmarked and is not maintained. The trail has sharp, steep descents into the gorges and in total takes between 4 – 5 hours.

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Hikes Near Brisbane

For those who have adventure in their hearts and want to explore areas further away from the urban jungle, these trails are just what your inner Christopher Columbus needs.

Glasshouse Mountains

Located about an hour from Brisbane, this cluster of 13 hills are made up of volcanic peaks and are an icon to the Sunshine Coast.

Within the mountain range is the Mount Ngungun summit trail, an easy trail for all skill levels that want to witness Australia’s wildlife. This out and back trail is only 2.6 kilometres in length. It can be crowded so best to go for sunrise and witness the colours as the sky ignites.

D’Aguilar National Park

The D’Aguilar national park located Northwest of Brisbane is home to many different species of flora and fauna which add to the spectacular views of the Glass House Mountains.

One of the most popular trails is the Cedar, Love and Greens falls trail that takes you on a journey to various waterfalls. This moderate 10 kilometre hike is frequently used but is an out and back style trail   that should take around 5 hours, unless you fancy stopping to take some photographs.

Lamington National Park

Located 2 hours south of Brisbane, Lamington national park is home to lush rainforests, natural beauty and extensive walking trails.

For the experienced hikers, the 5 – 6 hour trek of Taloona creek circuit provides a 16.3 kilometre loop that takes you up to the breath-taking scenery. To witness all the waterfalls, it is best to go after rain but prepare yourself as it can be quite muddy!

For the unprepared and those needing a new bag for all the snacks and gear, this guide to some of the best travel backpacks available will be useful.

Lamington National Park

Australia is a beautiful country with vast spaces just waiting to be explored. Brisbane has spectacular areas to hike but if you happen to find yourself in Sydney and craving an escape, these hiking trails in Sydney will give you that freedom you’re looking for.


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