The 8 Best Hotels in Paris


Gorgeous Paris is a city that charms everyone. Whether you’re visiting as a couple or bringing the kids along, the city has some of the world’s best attractions to keep everyone entertained. What’s more, our list of the best hotels in Paris, France, will find you a hotel to match your travel style.

Since we’ll take care of your accommodation, all you have to do is pack and plan your itinerary. Here’s to a fuss-free and fabulous vacation in one of the best hotels in Paris!

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Best Paris Hotels Overall

Paris isn’t short on luxury accommodation, so it can be hard to find your way in this price bracket. Don’t worry, though, because we have the crème de la crème right here.

1.   Hotel de Crillon

Once you’ve stepped inside Hotel de Crillon’s chandelier-lit lobby, there can be no doubt that you’ve entered the very best hotel in Paris.

Guests have included Charlie Chaplin and Leonard Bernstein. The famous names don’t end there: designers such as Karl Lagerfeld were responsible for the luxurious suites.

The hotel is also full of practical facilities. This top-rated hotel is in the centre of Paris and has a variety of eateries to keep your energy up.

What more could you want from a hotel in Paris? Book now.

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2.   Nolinski Paris

Amongst the top Parisian hotels, Nolinski Paris stands out for its seamless mix of luxury and contemporary decor.

Just a few minutes’ walk from the pretty Tuileries Garden in the heart of Paris, this hotel offers its guests a fabulous 5-star retreat. Here, you can unwind from sightseeing in the hotel spa, which boasts a hammam.

Nolinski Paris also offers two eateries that cater to every meal with fine French cuisine.

Go ahead and book your stay, sooner rather than later.

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Fabulous Paris Hotels for Couples

There’s a reason that Paris is the “City of Love”. From peonies to pastries, Paris has all the ingredients for romance so it’s the perfect destination for couples.

3.   Maison Souquet

Between the private spas and the five-star butler service, there’s no need to ever leave Maison Souquet. It’s perfect for loved-up couples looking to spend quality time together.

The rooms are decorated with velvet furniture, chandeliers and wooden panelling, creating an intimate and luxurious atmosphere. This boutique hotel is located in a typical Parisian townhouse. Everything is unique and the staff prides themselves on attention to detail.

Sound like your dream staycation in Paris? Get a room at Maison Souquet.

4.   Hotel Henriette

Hotel Henriette proves that couples on a budget can also have a romantic getaway in Paris.

This small hotel is situated in the Left Bank, a dreamy and artistic area that’s perfect for strolling around hand-in-hand.

Although the rooms are far from old-world luxury, they were professionally designed to be practical and beautiful. One of the highlights of a stay in this top Paris hotel is the buffet breakfast in the lush garden.

Don’t miss out on this little gem so book soon.

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Wonderful Hotels in Paris for Families

If your family is looking for the best hotel, Paris delivers. There are some truly fantastic hotels that cater to the whole family.

5.   Hotel Le Bristol

Hotel Le Bristol is undoubtedly the top hotel in Paris for families.

This 5-star establishment blends luxury and peace for parents with a warm welcome for young children. At check-in, children are given their own stuffed animals. On your way to the spa, you can drop your kids off at the kids’ club, which is right next door.

There are also scavenger hunts and other events to keep kids entertained.

Book your stay at Hotel Le Bristol for the ideal family holiday.

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6.   Esprit Saint Germain

Esprit Saint Germain is one of the best options for families on a budget.

It’s nearby the family-friendly Luxembourg Gardens, as well as the Louvre Museum, so there is plenty to keep the kids entertained. The hotel is small so it’s easy to keep an eye on your children. However, it does boast a few interleading rooms to balance privacy with being together.

These practicalities mean that booking your family stay at Esprit Saint Germain is a no-brainer.

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The Top Hotels in Paris for Budget Travellers

You may be travelling through the city on a budget but, fortunately, there are a number of top Paris hotels that won’t break the bank.

7.   Mob Hotel

If you don’t mind a bit of eccentricity, Mob Hotel has to be the best hotel in Paris, France for budget travellers.

It’s in northern Paris, in an area famous for its flea market. This shabby-chic atmosphere continues in Mob Hotel. You can look forward to a rooftop terrace where sun loungers are scattered between vegetable beds and film screenings in the evening. The rooms themselves are also comfortable and stylish.

You won’t find better than Mob Hotel so go ahead and book your stay.

8.   Hotel Exquis

Hotel Exquis ranks high on our list of recommended hotels in Paris for budget travellers.

This 3-star establishment is situated in a fashionable neighbourhood and is walking distance to the trendiest bars and restaurants in Paris. The hotel is an eclectic mix of contemporary style with vintage furnishings.

Each room has its own colour scheme. Most are bright colours so ask ahead for a room with a muted colour scheme, if you prefer that.

Budget hotels don’t get better than this. Book your stay at Hotel Exquis.

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Final Thoughts

Looking for the best hotels to stay in Paris can be a mission but our guide takes the work out of planning a vacation. From hotels offering value for money to boutique hotels for two, Paris offers the perfect kind of accommodation for you.

Whether you’re bringing the kids to Disneyland or planning to explore the Louvre, there are so many reasons to visit Paris. With so much to see in the city, having a comfortable hotel is a must.

So, go ahead and choose one of our recommended hotels for an amazing time in Paris!

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