Hikes in Sydney – Best Hikes and Trails in and Around Sydney


Where to go for the Best Walks in Sydney

Hiking is one of those weekend activities that make you feel like you’ve achieved something worthwhile come Monday. It has great health benefits for the body,  and can powerfully benefit your mental health.

There are many Sydney walks and hikes that will get you exploring some truly wonderful new corners of nature. So if you’re visiting Australia’s capital,, these are some of the best hiking and walking tracks near you

Two Creeks Track

This is a great hike for those who consider themselves to be beginner or intermediate hikers. It is beautifully scenic with lots to see. This tranquil bushwalk is surrounded by gum trees, mangroves and palms, and is an excellent choice for all.

The hike can be accessed easily from either Lindfield or Roseville depending on if you choose to do it in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. The track can be followed all the way for a longer walk. Or you can opt to take one of the many turn-offs if you’d like it to be shorter.

You can expect to see waterfalls, creeks as well as great canoeing and fishing spots. It’s a great choice for the whole family, and its dog friendly, so bring along those furry friends.

Two Creeks Track is also a great trail running route. Just be aware that there can be slippery, muddy areas. And some parts are a little more technical if you do choose to run it.

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Whether you’re looking for a solid day of hiking or more of a leisurely walk and picnic, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park is ideal. Less than an hours drive from Sydney, this is truly a hidden gem.

If you want to hike the full stretch it’s about 16 kilometers, with some decent inclines. This is certainly a full day hike but your efforts will be rewarded with incredible panoramic views at the end.

And of course, with the abundance of trails around, there are plenty of easy-going walks to opt for instead. While there is pretty good cover for most of this bush trail, remember to pack that sunscreen.

A lovely bonus is that around 15% of the way in you will have an opportunity for a cool down swim.So  bring a change of clothes if you want to take a dip.

This park has lots to offer and boasts some of the best hikes in Sydney. It’s an excellent spot for kids to enjoy canoeing in the crystal waters or to spend a family day fishing and enjoying a BBQ.

The Grand Canyon Walking Track

Australia’s very own Grand Canyon is simply a must-see. It’s a spectacularly beautiful area. The walk is lined with gorgeous greenery, sandstone cliffs, creeks and waterfalls.

This impressive Sydney hike is around 3 hours long. However, it is advised to take it on only if you have prior hiking experience and a decent fitness level.

You are in for a treat as it is arguably one of the best hiking tracks in the Blue Mountains National Park. You can access this walk from the Grand Canyon parking lot.

The trail can be rather wet so be sure to wear proper hiking boots. There will be some river stepping, narrow pathways and inclines. Get ready for an exciting adventure!

Blue gum walking track

This is one of the most enjoyable Sydney walks. It is a great half-day hiking trail with just the right amount of challenges to make it interesting. This is a popular area so you should expect to encounter many out and about with the same idea as you.

The Blue Gum walk is done by all ages and abilities so it would be a great group or family activity. It is located close to the Hornsby train station which makes it easily accessible.

There are also plenty of good food spots around to grab a bite after you’ve walked and worked up an appetite!

Please note: Signs and directions are not always thorough. So try to get your hands on a local map or go with someone more familiar with the area. Be aware that there are many mountain biking trails. Veering off into these could be potentially dangerous.

The Coast Track

A beautifully rugged piece of nature to experience, the Coast Track is part of the Royal National Park located in Bundeena, New South Wales. It is one of the loveliest coastal walks in Sydney to explore.

Not only does this spot boast well laid out tracks and some exceptional viewpoints, but it is also an excellent Whale spotting area during the months of June/July. Here you can enjoy coastal lookouts, refreshing sea swims and seasonal wildflowers.

This is a great Sydney hike, particularly for younger kids and elderly folks. It’s a relatively flat walk and makes for a relaxing and serene stroll.

However, for those up for a challenge, this area is also known for the epic multi-day walk between Bundeena and Otford. It involves a more challenging 26km track, usually with an overnight stay. Certainly not for the faint-hearted!

Please note: There aren’t public facilities such as toilets, drinking water or trash cans along the walk, so come prepared.

The Red Hands Cave Track

This beautiful trail has easy to follow paths. It makes for a great morning or afternoon activity. The hike is around 8 kilometers and passes some beautiful pools, ideal for swimming and relaxing.

Don’t miss out on stopping off at the amazing  rock painting cave. This Aboriginal cave art provides a special and unique element to this experience. Seeing this beautifully preserved piece of history is a highlight of this trip and well worth the one hour drive from Sydney.

There is a train that takes an hour to Glenbrook. From here it’s just a 15-minute walk to the start of the trail.

While not essential, it’s advisable to walk or run this track during the cooler months. Also be sure to wear shoes with a good grip as you will pass slippery rocks and uneven ground. While you may need to climb over rocks and under trees at points, this is an easily manageable hike for kids.

Final Words on Hikes in and Around Sydney

Hiking is a wonderful activity that gets you out and in touch with nature. It’s also a great way to socialize and have good conversations. And these are the best walks in Sydney for you to do just that.

So put on those walking shoes and get out there, you won’t be sorry you did. And maybe once you’ve explored the beautiful terrains of Australia, you can pop over to New Zealand and see what there is to do in Queenstown.

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