Best Family Ski Resorts Europe


Europe is the world’s leading ski holiday destination. Gorgeous mountain ranges, beautiful resorts set in deep snow, and a myriad cultures to explore!

Skiing on the mountains of Europe gives you access to many of the most beautiful vistas in the world – an awe-inspiring and ever-changing landscape which only skiers see. It’s the closest thing to flying, on land.

The best ski resorts also offer family-friendly fun, and lots of training to get you on your feet. You can ski on pistes curated to your skill level, while the children learn and play with professionals.

With your parents, siblings, and children in tow, you can experience the best snow vacation you could imagine.

So let’s explore Europe’s best family-friendly ski resorts, for budgeters, beginners, and big families.

Best all inclusive family resorts Europe

These ski resorts have everything you could need or want for the perfect holiday. Not just for skiing, they offer fun and adventure for the whole family! Everyone will come away happy and chock-full of great memories.

Alpe d’Huez

Nestled in the French Alps, this resort offers an extensive 237 km of Alpine skiing runs and 50 km of runs for cross-country skiing. This year the resort is hosting Tommorowland, Europe’s greatest music festival!

One of the best ski resorts for kids, it includes Mini Club Med, where your children can learn to ski from the age of 4, and snowboard from the age of 8.

You can watch them follow their Ski School instructor down the slopes, or leave them to it. There are also many other fun and creative activities to keep them busy and happy all day!

Alpe d’Huez offers carefully picked activities for teenagers and babies – plenty to do for the whole family. There are even shuttles exploring the area!


This French ski resort has the largest mountain-based aquafun center in Europe, with indoor surfing, waterslides and a relaxation area. With some of the best skiing in the world, the resort offers alpine, cross-country and ski touring!

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can ski with views of Courcheval’s six charming little villages, of mountains and forests, or of completely unspoilt snow, carving a fresh path through the untouched landscape.

This resort isn’t joking when it says all-inclusive. In addition to skiing, it offers hot air balloon trips, tobogganing, ice climbing, dog sledding, and bowling, among a surprising array of adventure sports and fun.

Best ski resorts in Europe for beginners

If you’re new to the sport and looking for a ski resort that caters to you, look no further! These resorts offer skiing and slopes for all ages and skill-levels, but are particularly geared to help new skiers. You’ll learn everything you need to, and take those obligatory learning falls with some very scenic views.

Soldeu, Andorra

A well-priced and casual ski resort in Italy, Soldeu offers a fantastic level of instruction for beginners and those with a ski background.

The ski school boasts an enthusiastic staff, and sits right in front of Soldeu’s main lift. It offers lessons curated for small children to adults, on beginner-only pistes. In fact, 53% of the slopes are for beginners!

One of the best ski resorts for beginners and families with small kids, the resort also offers a newly upgraded circus-themed children’s area, in case not everyone’s excited for the slopes. It’s also very beautiful, and close to many other attractions. If you’re looking to learn, this is just the place for you.

Pontedilegno Tonale Ski Resort

This Italian ski resort is perfect for all levels of skiers, with a lovely selection of runs and a quick lift system for family skiing. The resort also offers snowmobiling, snow-kiting and mountaineering among other activities for snow teens and the family.

For the children they have an incredible snow park, and snow tubing! No one will grow bored here. They provide group lessons, private lessons, and lessons for people with disabilities. Everyone is able to join in the fun!

Les Deux Alpes, France

This resort is remarkably ideal for beginners – every resort offers training and some runs for those starting out, for both adults and children. But this resort is positioned on a brilliantly ‘upside down’ mountain range, where the gentlest slopes are right at the top.

This provides beginners with the best of the gorgeous views – lots to look at while you’re falling about, and inspiration to pull yourself back up, so you can do this again and again.

Five of the nursery slope lifts are free! So you can save some cash while you learn – especially if the whole family is just learning the ropes. They also have a wellness centre, an extensive childcare facility, museums and nightclubs!

Best family ski resorts on a budget

If you have always dreamed of taking your family on a ski trip, but can’t afford the often hefty prices on offer, there are some fantastic resorts catering to you!

With snow and scenes just as beautiful, and all the skiing and fun you could want, these ski resorts are more budget-friendly.

Les Houches, France

Perfect for leisure skiers, this charming French resort has marked ski runs from 950 to 1,900 metres with exceptional views of the Mont Blanc Valley.

The area also offers visitors a wide range of other adventure sports, like paragliding, mountaineering, and white water sports.

For the children, the long list includes paintballing, a theme park and an adventure park – this is the place to go if you’re looking for a holiday destination that has everything, in case not everyone is keen on skiing.

Uappala Sestriere

If you’re looking to take your family on a ski trip without the prices that usually go with it, Uappala has you covered! A three star resort with everything you need – fitness centre, restaurant, spa, and babysitting – but for a much lower price than most.

This old Italian family resort is a close walk to the slopes, and offers a great view. It’s budget, the rooms small but comfortable, the food plentiful but not fine dining. If what you’re looking for is to spend all day on the slopes with the family, it ticks all the boxes.

They also offer dog sledding and ice climbing, among other fun activities!

Vogel Ski Park

One of the best ski resorts for families, Vogel Ski Park is positioned in is a truly beautiful ski area. The Slovenian resort forms part of the Triglav national park, overlooking the pristine Lake Bohinj.

The modern cable car moves from lakeside to mountains in minutes, providing skiers with quick access to the open, near-treeless terrain. The resort also offers cross-country skiing, a snow park and a children’s park.

A six-day lift pass costs only ~£120! It’s a steal.

Which one do you love?

There’s so many ski resorts to choose from, catering to everything you need – from babysitting to nightclubs, adventure sports to relaxing wellness centers. It can be hard to choose between options that all stand out!

Hopefully we’ve made the choice a little easier for you. These are the best family ski resorts in Europe –  if any have stood out for you, check them out. And bring the family!

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