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Discover all you need to know before booking your Abuja to Ibadan flight. Most flights can be bordered weekly, with some flights being possible on weekends. If you are traveling from Nnamdi Azikiwe International (Abuja) to Ibadan Airport, the duration can be as quick as one hour.

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Travel Information for Flights from Abuja to Ibadan

Traveling between the two locations can be an enjoyable experience, based on the availability of flights that run per day between the two locations. Below is essential information you need to know before planning your flight.

Airlines Available

If you are looking to book a flight between the two locations, there are only two airlines that will be available: Arik Air and Overland Airways. If you are considering using Arik Air, there is only one flight available every day between Abuja and Ibadan. The flight normally takes off just before lunchtime but times can vary.

If you are using Overland Airways Nigeria to book a flight to Ibadan, there are two flights available. The earliest flight takes off at around 07:30 while the later flight takes off around 17:30. Flight times do vary, so be sure to check with the airline. Please note that there aren’t two flights every day of the week, only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

It’s similar if you are booking flights from Ibadan to Abuja, but the flight times are different.

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Flight Ticket Prices

The cost of taking an Abuja to Ibadan flight will be between ₦25 000 to ₦27 000, but it can also reach a price up to ₦41 000. The price is dependent on factors such as the airline you use, the day you decide to travel, and how long you book in advance.

Return flights however can be anywhere from ₦42 000 to ₦75 000. All these prices also depend on factors such as direct flights.

Baggage Allowances

The baggage allowance is pretty much standard when boarding a flight to Ibadan. On Arik Air, the baggage allowed is 23kg for your checked-in baggage while a limit of 6kg is allowed for your hand luggage for economy class tickets. The allowance for a Premium ticket is 23kg but you are allowed two separate suitcases and each has the same allowance. Business-class tickets allow you to take two suitcases with a weight limit of 32kg each.

On Overland Airways the baggage allowance will be indicated on your ticket after purchase. So be sure to purchase your ticket at least a day before the flight to see your baggage allowance.

An Ibadan to Abuja flight baggage allowance is the same but please note that exceeding your allowance will result in paying extra for every kilogram that your bag is over the allowed limit.

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Flights From Abuja to Ibadan Car Rentals

When planning a long stay in Ibadan, you might want to consider hiring a private vehicle if you don’t like public transportation. It’s a lot more convenient to travel without having any restrictions.

The closest rental service to Ibadan Airport is Easy Cars. They offer a range of different vehicles for your convenience and you can decide on hiring a car or being chauffeured around. They do have an airport pick-up and drop-off service that you can utilize. They charge hourly for any short-distance destinations you would like to visit. They offer shared rides as well if you are looking to save a penny or just to have a bit of company on your journey.

If you are going the other way and planning a return flight from Ibadan to Abuja, there are tons of car rental services available but Avis or Sixt would be your best option. They both offer pick-ups at the airport and you can hire a personal vehicle.

Flight From Abuja to Ibadan Attractions

If you are planning a flight to Ibadan and don’t have any plans yet, you should consider sightseeing in the Nigerian city. You can learn about the culture, while also doing a bit of sightseeing. Here are some of the best things to do in Ibadan.

University of Ibadan Zoological Garden

The Zoological garden was established in 1948 to act as a collection of wild animals to support teaching and research in the Department of Zoology. After the number of animals grew in the department, they became a zoo in 1974.

The zoo’s main goals are to house endangered species, research them for educational purposes, and to entertain any visitors. The zoo is open every day of the year and is well worth the visit to see and educate yourself on these animals.

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Agodi Gardens

Agodi Gardens is a literal playground that offers family-friendly fun. The garden has a waterpark, picnic areas, mini-zoo, and nature reserve. If you have a little one with you, there is also a playground area that can keep them busy.

Some other activities that the gardens offer are paintballing and horse riding that is great if you are traveling in a group. The entrance fee is ₦500 and the activities will all come at an extra cost.

Bowers Memorial Tower

Bower’s Tower is a historic monument that can be seen at the top of Oke-Are in Ibadan. The monument was put up to honor Captain Robert Lister Bower in 1936. He was the first British resident in Ibadan and was elected to minister to the ancient city from 1893 to 1897. The tower stands at a whopping 60 feet high with two entrances with a spiral staircase that will take you to the top.

Book Your Abuja to Ibadan Flight Now

If you are looking for a quick flight to a city with good attractions, then taking a flight from Abuja to Ibadan might be exactly what you need. With a comfortable flight and a quick flight, it’s sure to be a great visit.

Be sure to book your return flight from Ibadan to Abuja, but add a few extra days in so you can enjoy all Ibadan has to offer.

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