About Us

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Travel Information was an existing site, bought in 2018 by Travel Tractions Marketing Agency as a showcasing site for their interns’ training blog posts and a place for content that clients didn’t want.

These posts were a way for the interns to try their hand at their new-found SEO skills and were free to write about their favourite travel experiences. It turns out their SEO skills were more than amateur, as posts started ranking and attracting a fair amount of traffic.

We then started taking the site a little more seriously. The site has now been taken over by one of our newest Junior SEO Strategists – Tyla Oliver, who has come up with a strategy for Travel Information.

The site is now an informative resource used for testing SEO, industry news, product reviews, guest posts, link building, and affiliate marketing. The main aim of this travel website is to provide a great user experience for those looking for the latest travel information and news.

Whether you’re looking for travel guides or you’re trying to figure out some of the best trip ideas, Travel Information is sure to have you covered with destinations all over the world!